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Joy of Life

Joy of Life

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The Prosperity Game 2.0

Source: The Prosperity Game 2.0

The 3 choices of the soul

Source: The 3 choices of the soul

Empire Formula

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There are only 3 reasons why you really want to make it work in your business and it just doesn’t happen for you:

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How to Get Your Empire Formula Bonus:
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How do we know that things are not good? The biggest red flag about it is: lack of money coming in. But there are others: like lack of motivation, loss of vision, unable to meet plans or deadlines. Any time you see those signs, stop, and ask yourself those 5 questions:

Intuitively we all know that “it’s all in our head”. If we don’t believe it’s possible, it simply IS NOT. If we believe it IS possible, that doesn’t automatically mean that it will be but at least we are in the right direction. In other words, what our mind believes as impossible is where our limits for to grow in our business are and where we actually need someone to pull us out of it. Here’s a nice start:

We only get into our lives that which we invite. If we invite harmony, harmony will find us, if we are welcome to money, money will come to us. But we need to let it in. For many entrepreneurs the home office is where their laptop is – in the bedroom, in the car, on the kitchen table. Wherever your home office is, there are at least 5 things you can immediately do to be welcoming to business success, money and wealth. Here they are:

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