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My definition of a successful business is: Know-How with Know-Who and a Know-What. Hence, your marketing and sales consist of basically 3 main activities: networking, speaking and writing. This article is for all those who are just starting and feel shy speaking, who are sick and tired of going to networking meetings without much or any results and who are like me … love to express themselves writing and feel perfectly comfortable in the company of their laptop. Here are the 5 must-haves for a sky rocket sales without speaking at all.


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  1. […] 5 Must-Haves for HUGE Sales with NO Speaking « THE BLOG FOR … You can't brand your self solid unless you stand out from the crowd of professionals that have the same exact message as yours or pretty similar. 2. Entertain in Your Sales Letters – If you haven't thought of your newsletter as a sales . Each and every email communication that goes out with an offer is a mini sales letter With a very good copyright, a single blog post or a single email can get you instant payment notifications. Now, the difficult part is how to get . […]

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