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Do you pat yourself on the back?

One of the key secrets to success is not to tackle what you do well and how you can do it better but what you do when you get off the board and you get swirled into the waves. Fall down seven times, get up eight, says the Japanese proverb.

So, what do we do to get into where we want to be even though we may not be there yet? Many things can be done here but my personal favorite is to celebrate. I prefer this way to advance in whatever direction you would like to take because it’s always YOU to choose how to celebrate and whatever you choose your choice is nothing else but fabulous. Everyone would agree that the feeling when you are just having fun because you do what you like to and which is even more – you decided that you will do this – is just indescribably magnificent. And there is a saying regarding the food feelings. They keep us warm in rainy days.

Having the tools to keep yourself pumped up when you want to excel in what you do or when you feel that you are loosing momentum and want to regain empowerment makes all the difference in the world. This is what can keep your business into business and this is what distinguishes the people who go into business venture from those who are successful when going into business ventures.

So, how do you celebrate? Just brainstorm as many ways to enjoy yourself as possible and don’t forget to try them out and have fun doing it.

Whether others congratulate you or not on your wins is completely irrelevant if you do not give yourself a Hi5 too. When you recognize that you’re worth it and that the hill you’ve reached on your way to the top of the mountain is your hill, your accomplishment and you definitely deserve to pat yourself on the back you get yourself on the road to building inner strength which one day or another you will need when the storms come to your garden.

This will be your surviving tool. Once you start to recognize your milestones you can keep track of your progress. Being able to look back and be amazed at how far you have reached is very powerful because in this way you easily stay focused and on track. The danger of not being able to trace back your path of progress is that you may get lost on the way and in the end find yourself in a place where you never intended to be.

There is one more way to have the empowering positive feelings on your side and additionally to get ownership of your success. How about celebrating regularly your success before you even have it? As always it’s never a guarantee that you will get to where you want to be only by celebrating but there is a good chance. And then since you’ve already started celebrating what you already have naturally your thoughts and action will gravitate towards what it is that you want and eventually you will get there. For those who have never tried that approach to get themselves into motion I would like to challenge them to try and compare the feeling as opposed to celebrating after all is said and done.

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