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Challenging clients

We all want to have as many clients as possible. Because, let’s face it – without clients there will be no business.

But, the horror of every business owner is the difficult client. They want more and more for less and less, they don’t like whatever you offer them, they complain and complain and if you don’t do everything they demand for they will make sure they spread the bad news how bad piece of business you are running regardless of now nice and welcoming and accommodation you are.

So, what do we do about them?

There is an easy way to discern the difficult client and all starts with YOU – the business owner.

From my own experience with clients I have never had a real challenging client. This is because whenever a client is not 100% satisfied for whatever reason with the service I provide I sit down and ask the question: What can I do for you?

And then I open up my giant ears and listen. What I pay attention to is – What is the client’s need? What are they looking for?

More often than not the client will articulate dissatisfaction much better than their need but this is what I want to know in order to help the client receive a better service.

So I patiently listen to what other people call complaints which for me is the greatest gift the client can give me. From my point of view, whenever my clients share with me something they are not happy about what they do is actually point out the areas where I need to look into in order to improve and have my sales sky rocket. Again, the very educated and highly intellectual client may probably decide not to share with you where your weak points are and more often you will be listening to clients who do not express in a perfectly mannered way their dissatisfaction but if you know how to listen to them and what to listen for, these so called difficult clients will be a blessing for you just as they are for me.

And which is more, remember my words on this. You will stand out in your business not as much through the spreading of the word of the people to which you offered impeccable service but to those to which your service was not perfect but you acted accordingly and amended it. In this way – you stand out with your integrity and a business person. Your integrity is what will keep you in good financial shape when it comes to business.

AS a reminder, when you listen for your client’s need, sometimes you will discover that this particular client will try to take advantage of you, of your honesty, of your commitment to excellent customer service. In this case – juts minimize the los and do some damage control if needed.

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