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Refusing Business

As much as I love to coach, I hate wasting my time and yours too. With this said, I will expect sometimes to not be the right coach for you and that’s just perfect. I would love to recommend you a coach that could better suit your needs and personality. Sometimes you may not be right client for me either. In this case I will tell you this with a single statement: I don’t think coaching you will work for me. I will still assist you to find the right way to achieve the results you want but I will not take up being your coach.

Of course I trust the Universe and the Law of Attraction that in the very moment in time when you are searching for a coach and need the changes in your life to which I am able to assist you, we will find each other one way or another – not any day sooner and not any day later. However, I also like to help the Universe a little.

The professionals I work with share a common calling – they want to become self-employed, be their own boss, do what they love to do for a living and to make a very good living out of it. They are ready to swim upstream if this is what it takes to be successful, and to have their business provide for themselves and their family. They envision their business growing as BIG as it needs in order for them to reap the fruits of abundance out of it and be content that all this goodness comes to them through their passion, integrity and efforts. These are the sweetest fruits in life, aren’t they.

The professionals I work with have not only a BIG picture of where they want to be in the future but they also have an idea of what they don’t want any more in their life. They don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck, less dependent on money, and more connected to others. They run away from mediocrity, futile struggles, fake life with fake happiness. They want to change their life over – to start over and open a new chapter in which to live fully. They want to do what they feel is their calling, their mission in life, they want to make a living out of it and don’t feel like doing anything else for a living any more.

They want to stop being dependent on paychecks, and money, and more connected with others.

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About the Author

Tsvetanka Petrova – Sue, the Good Karma Coach, specializes in choosing who you want to BE and being in alignment with this feeling and knowledge so that you can attract easily and effortlessly your desires along your path that correspond with who you are.

She has a first-hand experience with overcoming impossible obstacles, surviving through all storms and attaining unimaginable financial and personal success for her age as a result.

Tsvetanka’s web site: and blog: is a valuable resource with lots of free articles and success tools.

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