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The “I-don’t-know” mantra

i-dont-know mantra

The easiest way to recognize that you are stuck is when you hear yourself waying: “I don’t know”. And for most people this is frightening.

Fears – Usually when we are so terrified to make a mistake and take the wrong path we tell ourselves that we don’t know. The more scared we are the more we tell ourselves that we don’t know and the more we tell ourselves this the more we are re-inforcing the panic until this panic seizes completely and at the end we do really make the wrong decision. Why? Because we couldn’t see things clear. Because we were afraid. I don’t know is a dead-end street. It gives birth to more I-don’t-knows and more confusion for most people. Until it’s understood…

Feelings – In it’s essence, it takes a lot of courage to say to yourself : I don’t know. It shows quite a few things – that you are honest with yourself, that you are actually open for suggestions, to fill in this I-don’t-know with images, sensations, actions steps, plans. And, this is the real face of the fear. You are afraid more to face that you are completely honest with yourself than to face that you are at a dead end. Why? Because you don’t trust yourself and you are not confident that if you don’t know – that is very natural state. A state of mind that brings curiosity to explore, to find out, to know. And this state is called Pre-thinking state. The time and place before the thinking actually happens.

Facts – Next time, when you honestly and truly don’t know, ask yourself – What would you do if you did know? How would it feel? How would it look like? Creating your own reality is the most exciting application of the human mind. You are what you think you are, you are what your thoughts are. Thus, Cogito, egro sum. Just imagine your brain like a gigantic search engine. You type in whatever you are looking for as an answer and look for results. If there are no results – you read the message : No results found and read out loud to yourself: I don’t know the answer. Naturally. But, since YOU are theis search engine and you are also performing the searches, the next thing that happens is (of course if you don’t give up the quest at all by being too panicked by the “no results found” trap) you get into your search engine hat and you start creating new scripts, and new images, and new links in your brain, you maximize and optimize allthat and sooner of later you do the search again. You type in the same key words, the same questions. But this time – you do have “results found”.

This is how our brain operates. And as soon as we recognize that if we don’t know that’s just perfect, we become unstoppable in whatever we wish to accomplish. Because we know that the real meaning of I don’t know is – Let me start creating the “I know” NOW.

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