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The 5 Reasons Homepreneurs FAIL in Their Business

I’ve lately been reading a lot of advice from all over the place to just think BIG enough and things will start showing up in your life. Being a visionary myself, this is how I naturally think and I also know very well the downside of the big picture thinking. And it has a downside that can easily put you out of business before you even notice it. So let me share the pitfalls of failing before you even go there.

(1) Keep on trying – Taking action and trying are two completely different things and there is  a fine line in that. Trying is taking actions that do not bring you the results while taking action is going out and getting it. And when you go out to get it do not forget – even though constantly being in action keeps you in the routine to achieve more and more, half-done projects and half-finished tasks and half-executed promised may get you not half-results but sometimes much less. Sometimes this half-done work can really damage your business representing you as only half -delivery.

(2) Investing in top-notch tools – If you live in a penthouse apartment your real estate tax will be much much higher than if your live in a tiny one bedroom apartment. And it appears to be common sense to know that. What amazes me is that way too many start-up businesses jump into the fancy tools of the multi-million dollar companies and spend their seed money on expensive tools. It is always good to look at where you want to be and to gradually upgrade your tools on a needs basis.

(3) Forgetting what will bring you “There” – The quickest way to get an entrepreneur wrinkle her face is to ask them when are you going to get your next prospect to sign up with you. Why? Because they feel powerless. Whether the prospect signs up with them is both a choice of the homepreneur and the prospect. Now, in order to start bringing clients in consistently, there need to something else set up in place than just the hunting for clients. There needs to be a PLAN – sales strategies, marketing plan, business outlook, PR campaigns. Should you loose sight of your long term goal of stability, the search for clients can turn into a repeating struggle.

(4) Not being gracious with their clients – I’ve heard this story over and over again and I really hope that people will eventually get tired of it and will see through it. As a marketing strategy start-ups are told that when they start getting business – they will be able to control the client load, the payments they receive, how much  time they will be working, what kind of revenue they will be bringing in, etc. It’s just too good to be true if you are not with 5 or 10 years of experience in business. And even then- late nights work, unsuccessful campaigns and compromises with personal life are to be expected.  The most ignored factor in this equation is: the client payments. Remember, clients are sometimes late with their payments. So, be careful how you will approach this as money exchanges are the fastest way to build a trusting relationship with your clients … or to burn the bridge for Ever.

(5) Being super busy all the time – All you own is – this very moment. That’s it. You miss it and you’ve lost the chance to get max results with min efforts. What most entrepreneur fail to recognise is that busy is not good. It’s not bad either. It simply means: I do not have enough time for everything on my to-do list. If you have the work done and the money coming in, then busy is good. If you keep being everywhere and doing everything and achieving only so much results, then busy means: time to start using the time on your hands much more effectively so that you become more productive for less time spent.

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5 MUST HAVEs for a Successful BLOG

Blogs are much faster indexed by search engines and also they are the first place where internet users seek for answers. Why, because blogs give answers. So, you are in business, and you would like to blog – to promote your expertise, to hopefully monetize on it and eventually get clients. Here are the 5 things you blog cannot do without.

1. Great Design – I don’t mean only choosing the template that you like the most, but also customising it to your needs and adding easily recognizable as very useful categories and menus. In the menus of course you need to present yourself – who you are and what you do and of course how others can get in touch with you. Your blog needs to be good looking but also very easy to navigate too.

2. SEOptimization – Even though the search engines love you when you post and can’t wait to index you, you need to help yourself for them to help you. That’s why don’t forget your tags, trackbacks and pingbacks to your website. You can also submit the same expert advice on a different web site and trackback to your blog. The mor you are on the internet, the more searchable is your advice and your products / services in the end.

3. Essential Widgets – Once you’ve mastered the design, the content, and the optimization, now it’s time to add to the functionality. Your side bar is like a mix between  interaction zone with the readers, information on what’s most interesting, what new, the archives etc, and get in touch tool. Lots of widgets to choose from so choose well – your readers don’t have millions of minutes to loot at each one of them should you get each on your blog. So, choose 10 – but choose wisely …only those that will help you in your business.

4.  Multimedia  articles – If you think that blog readers have a lot of time to read lengthy articles, think again. Your articles need to be short – 600 to 900 words, with pictures, audio, and video if possible. They need to make the life of the reader easier. Your reader is searching for answers. They googled you. They ant to get the answer to what they look for just as easy.

5. Synchronization of SM accounts – This  is kind of essential. You need to have your posts – posted on twitter without you doing the work, your posts in twitter posted on your blog without you doing the work, your posts on your blog posted on your facebook account and vise versa , again without you doing the work. Why? First, you save your self a lot of copy paste time which you can use somewhere else. And second, your facebook friends don’t need to click 100 places to read everything you post – because you have it all in one place, your twitter followers get updated on everything, and can decide on what to click and read and your blog readers get the same thing too.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Start-up Set up  Coach | 201.467.4941

Get your clients all over the world using these 3 ESSENTIAL Ingredients to Success…

5 MUST HAVEs in a Successful Solo-Business

We say that we want to succeed, that we want to do the work but do we have what it really takes? Here are the Top 5 things to have a very firm grasp of in order to know you are on the road to a continued success:

1. Your top strengths – It’s essential to know what you are really good at because this is what will take you least time to do and you will do it very well as opposed to performing tasks you are not so good at but still need to be done.  Also, doing things you are naturally talented at adds to having a positive and productive environment.

2. Your shortcomings – It is really good to know what you don’t do so good, so that you either learn how to do it better or find a way to enlist somebody else do it for you it it must be done. Moreover, your weaknesses have the erosive power of the water. You may not notice them because their impact on your life can be small or because you are accustomed to having things this way or that way but they may be sabotaging your development and professional or business success big time.

3. Your team – We are not talking about your employees only. Here are included all your supporters – everyone (on your payroll or not) who is  there for you, wishes you good and helps you in a way. Working solo is sometimes mistaken as working alone. Your business success depends on your investment in your business trainings, your partnerships, your associates, even your neighbourhood friends as soon as they pat you in the back and tell you – you’re doing a great thing.

4. Your forecasts – My favorite way to run a business is to have every day accounted for 6 months ahead of time. All prior planning saves you from failure later so as boring or Greek as it may sound  to you in the beginning knowing how to plan your time, your expenses, your activities and make projections 6 months ahead is something that needs to be learned. Getting help with it in the beginning is ok, outsourcing this activity to somebody else is also ok. But still, it’s good to know as much as possible for your own business.

5. Your strategies – No sales , no profit. I guess you know that. So, the same is with strategies – you need to have a whole set of them. If one doesn’t work,  the next one will, if the next one doesn’t work – the next and so on until a strategy clicks with the client and he buys. The age old investment principle not to have all eggs into one bag applies as well here. You can’t use only one way to market and sell what you offer and leverage your profits.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Start-up Set up  Coach | 201.467.4941

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