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Tsvetanka Petrova,the Good Karma CoachTsvetanka Petrova is the Good Karma Coach who specializes in Life, Spiritual and Business Coaching as being expressed in the joyful and effortless attraction of good karma. After many years as successful sales professional Tsvetanka decided to follow her inner calling to help others to fully express their intellectual, emotional and spiritual potential and embrace their own duality with compassion.

Learning her own lessons of over-achieving and studying and working non stop, she gradually came to realise that the piles of money, the fancy things and the fabulous life do not bring satisfaction in the long run. They just leave you empty, bewildered and lost. Receiving unconditional love and support from mere strangers to her in key moments of her life changed the course of her life dramatically. Soon her soul awakened to the awareness that she is really yearning for is to use her talent to hear what others really want to say and to hold the space of other independent professionals life her to live from the heart with integrity, passion and fulfilment and not to allow bad karma to affect them more than it is meant to.

A student at International Coach Academy, an accredited coaching school of the International Coaching Federation, Tsvetanka has been coaching since 2008. As a Professional Coach, Entrepreneur and Author, Tsvetanka has touched the lives of many individuals worldwide. She is the living proof that you can attract the life you want by switching off the draining power of negativity coming from yourself or others, self-sabotage and overwhelming feelings.


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