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The Secrets of a coach

When people search for a coach they search for an expert. Oftentimes they expect this person to know the answers to their questions, to tell them what to do, waive a magic wand, perform some miracles here and there and make our worries go away, our goals reachable and our life transformed. In reality however, the real magic in coaching lies in the coach’s self-questioning.

The magic of coaching

You many even call it the Law of Attraction, but when the coach is stuck with something or has people in his/her own life being troubles with this thing,, or is working on something in his/her own life, they will have a flock of clients knocking on their door, waiting to be coached in the same thing / same issue / having exactly the same doubts and questions

The secret of the coaches

Do the coaches know the answers are they ready with the action steps for a positive change? No. They struggle, have struggled with exactly the same questions. What will happen is that their coaching expertise will help them to break down the situation into chewable parts. Oddly enough, they will be the best person to go to for help because they will understand you the best. They are prepared to create the space for you to pick and choose the path which suits you the best. What happens with the coach’s self questioning then?

Successful Coaches have a personal coach

That’s right, your coach, being a coach knows that if you do v things on your own it will take a lot of time and eford. But coaches know that a personal coach you will easily triple your productivity, so they naturally work on their personal quests with their personal coach.

Success attracts success

Simply put, if you go to a coach to be helped to follow your dreams and be successful in your life, most likely your coach will have already a personal coach for him/herself in order to be best suited to support you. The coach of your coach will want your coach to be a success story. The more your coach is shining bright the more he/she will help you elevate yourself to the next level.

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