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How to not give up halfway to reaching your goal

When you don’t know what you want but you know you are unhappy with something in your life the way it is right now, you have a choice. You can leave the way things are and most people do – because this is the easy way out. But, this is a temporaty choice. After some time, the inertia has consequences which once set in motion are inescapable. The other route is a frightening one and takes courage to take it.  It is the choice to make a change. Once this choice is made the seemingly impossible task to re-define your world inside and out slowly gets sorted out … with lots of work.

life_lessonsAnd sooner or later you arrive at a place where you are no longer at the confused, trapping place you were before but you are also not at the blissful and fulfilling dream place you’ve envisioned. So, what do you do to keep on moving forward?

1.  Learn from the forces that pull you back to your old ways – The more you walk away from something you don’t want any more in your life the more likely it will get pulled back from time to time. And this is perfect. Because now, as opposite to before,m you know where you are coming from, you can decide differently, take a different route and learn from the mistakes.

2. Learn from new situations in which you are presented with the opportunity to decide differently – These events that you strangely attract in your life are such a trill if you can have your small victories and don’t fall back to whare you don’t want to go.  Once you start recognizing those opportunities and grab them – you become the creator of your new reality, new you. And this is great.

3. Learn from your past experiences and appreciate them – after some time the new paths you once wished to take become your reality and you start to quickly and automatically respond in the new way. Once you get to this stage, congratulate yourself. You deserve it! You past experiences are still there but now as just lessons or even step stones you had to go though in order to get to your destination. And that’s so perfect. Understanding and compassion help you understand your life’s meaning on a deaper level.

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