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I wake up in the morning and I am ready to pamper myself. After my own needs come the needs of everybody else. Without sounding too selfish I would like to add that I am working in the world of services where your real boss is your client. I spend all day – from 6am to 11pm giving service to others. And maybe for this reason I am the perfect person to advice on treating yourself every day as a health and wellness practice.

I do a lot of things to reward myself for being in the world. Personally, this keeps me going because I pay attention to the others a lot and when I don’t forget to pay attention to myself too (which in the past I have done) my inner balance is firmly grounded.

1. Schedule a time for yourself

Just keep in mind that the things you schedule eat up the things you don’t schedule.

Every morning I wake up 30 min earlier than I am supposed to and I have 30 min to be lazy, to day dream (no more work related nightmare scenarios early in the morning), to lay down in bed and do absolutely nothing. What a great start! The next thing I know is – before I step outside my front door I already have tons and ton of hair and make up products on me. As a woman who values the inner Goddess I make sure that I express my inner beauty every day in a unique way. As soon as I get compliments on my style, my hair, my make up, I of course innocently say “Thank you”, meaning “I know (wink), I worked hard for it. I’m glad it show and glows”

2. Make it a practice

One of the things that excite me the most is to connect with people in a meaningful way. What I do is – every day I schedule a time to small talk with the people who support me and make me feel happy. Conversations where people are negative, blaming, complaining are not part of my life any more. I know better and I do better. If somebody wants to engage me into being their emotional trashcan all I do is say: No, thanks. I’ll pass this.

3. Reward yourself for your success even before you achieve it

What I do, and it had always worked for me, is when I want something very much to motivate myself with Starbucks coffee. What I do is, I tell myself – “Now, that I am going to celebrate my success with this coffee even though I don’t have it yet, the manifestation of my success I definitely on its fast track way. Of course, after I take my time to drink my coffee and enjoy the taste of my success, I summon all my strength and actually go for it.

How about you? What do you do to treat yourself?

I challenge you to do one thing for yourself this week and share it on the board. One thing just for you and nobody else!

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