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Build your business on your strenghts

When I first started my own business I was a do-it-all-alone kind of person and it worked well for me. I was alive and kicking 24/7. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think of anything else, sometimes I even skip eating for a day or two… My business idea was the source of my life, my happiness, my identity. I fought for my business’ success as if I strived for my own survival and every victory even the tiniest seemed to be a huge thing, a business growth I could not even imagine of a day before.

At times I was so joyous and at others so gloomy. At one moment my achievements looked so great that I was extremely proud of my achievements and at the next I could just look at all the things that my success depends on and get very discouraged. It was inexplicable. I vaguely knew that I was going through something but I could not explain it. Then it gradually downed on me.

All the things that happened to me – good and bad, they were there to teach me something. To teach me to be strong and to teach me that if I can handle this particular challenge I have now, I can handle all other challenges in the way – one at a time.

Identify your challenges

I asked myself, Do you believe that your biggest challenge is you biggest strength?
And of course I answered myself – NO! No challenge can be a strength, dictated my common sense. But my entrepreneur hat had a mind of her own. Of course it can, you just need to think about it a little bit. Weigh it over, consider the pros and cons and most of all – look at the situation in a different angle. If you think you can’t, think about it again! Every entrepreneur has the amazing ability to get himself out of a difficult situation in a way that it looks extremely easy to others.

Turn your challenges into an advantage

And of course, this is not at all easy. How can something that hinders you from your success actually be your success? In my opinion – just like that! When I complained over and over again that I am not a native speaker in English, that my name looks very strange to many people and very unpronounceable to others, I couldn’t even believe in myself that I could be a highly sought after Entrepreneur Coach, that others will put their trust in me to create space for them to start and grow their own business. I could not but others did. And why they did believe in me, confide in me? They saw something that was right under my nose but I couldn’t see. I was a Survivor. I could flourish in even the most stringent environment and I could teach others to do the same. My accent, my name became just the pre-requisite to be a success story. And discovering my nature of surviving the storms gave me the inner strength to believe in myself that I can share this with others

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