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The High Achiever Type

There is one drive that all executives naturally have and share. Drive that shapes them into who they are and why they’ve come so far in their career. This is the drive to achieve. You will recognize yourself as an achiever if:

– You hardly sleep at night because there is always something more interesting to do.

– Achieving something every day means 24/7 – weekdays, weekends, holidays, late nights, very early mornings, lunch breaks

– You can’t stand still and just do nothing – even on vacations, you have a list of things to do, places to see, people to meet and be lazy is not an option at all. Most likely on vacations you are even more active than on regular working days.

– As soon as you conquer a hill you head off to the next one – maybe a 60 seconds break but only if it’s really necessary

– If others reward themselves with parties, you do so with more work to do

– If others are not happy at all to work long hours you would be most happy to work 20 hours a day if this was only possible

– What keeps you moving is the lots and lots of energy you have and everybody around you clearly sees

– You welcome challenges as strange as it may seem to everybody else around

– You have a wall full of certificates

– Most probably you live to work

– The fact that you work on many projects at the same time is visible all around your desk, under it and especially on it – everywhere

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