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Coaching Sessions

We’ll set a consistent day and time, and you’ll call me from a comfortable location where you can concentrate on our call. There are no refunds or reschedules for missed calls without notice (exceptions for life or death emergencies). If I am suddenly unavailable, you will receive an additional and free coaching session.

=>Scheduling Sessions: Our sessions will be scheduled by you or me via Online Appointments Scheduler at You will receive confirmations and automatic reminders of your appointments via email. You may cancel or reschedule your appointments online with 48 hours notice. You and I will be automatically notified of such changes.

=> Calling In: The coaching sessions are 55 min long and are conducted over the phone. Please call me at the scheduled time on the number specified in the payment confirmation email.

=> Preparation and Reflection: Preparing for our coaching session will allow you to optimize your results and our time together. Please email me a completed copy of the Pre- Coaching Preparation Form at least a couple of hours before our call. After our call please complete the post-coaching section and also return this to me by email within 12 hours.

=>Cancellations: Cancellations without 48 hours notice are considered forfeiture of your scheduled coaching time and can not be rescheduled.


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