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10 Unbrekable rules of Good Client Service

1. Treat your clients with the utmost respect

Your clients whether they consciously do it or not, know the value of their money. And they always want to know that you are treating them with the dignity they deserve as a client. Some years ago I had this experience – I went into a shop where the sales lady yelled at me for looking at the items she sells for longer than she likes to. When I explained to her that I was considering buying multiple items she raised her voice even more convincing me that I will not buy anything from her. In the end even though I liked the things she sells very much her dramatizing and screaming pushed me away from her. So far away that I will never go back there.

2. Follow through on your commitments

If you say to a client that you will do something for them, I’d better do it because in your client’s ears everything you say is as good as a promise. And if you make a promise but do not deliver it, you client will quickly go to the next door business.

3. Communicate with your clients

If your business is doing good, great – get yourself a nice poster and tell your clients how well you are doing.

Ultimately, you want your clients to be interested in your business because you want them to come back to you. So, even if your business is in a crisis – communicate this with your clients. Of course in a very delicate way so that they know that you are a business owner with good intentions, high ethical standards and with your client’s well being I your mind. If you don’t and the bad news break out – as it usually happens with bad news, you may end up in the situation like WaMu – with lines of customers making sure they are not doing business with you.

4. Talk to your clients without interruption

Your client is always expecting to have your undivided attention. Most of all, if you deliver your attention and also on top of that show your client that you are attentively listening to what they are saying, you set yourself up for a repeated business and possibly referrals. When you listen carefully and have all your attention on your client, you absolutely flatter them. And as far as I know, all clients what to come back where they are feeling good being.

5. Answer the phone quickly and get back to your customer when you say you will

Clients value their time more than you can imagine. A good rule of thumb is to answer the phone by the 3rd ring. Of course, if you incorporate this in your practice, make sure to follow it because your clients will be quick to pick up when you don’t. Keep you promises! And especially if you tell your clients what you will get back to them. If you don’t most likely they won’t too.

6. Offer options when there is a problem

Be prepared when you meet with those 20 % of your clients who will complain no matter what to offer them alternatives. Your clients don’t want to hear: “I can’t do anything about it”. They prefer: “OK”, meaning I will do whatever you ask for. But most of all they will stay loyal to you if you start your sentence with: “This is what I will do for you” even if you can’t fulfill their requests. Your clients wish to be taken care of and if you want clientele you wish to take care of them too.

7. Have the management be there for your clients

Your management should be there for your clients for 3 reasons:

to watch over the team members

to be there when there is a problem and the client demands to have a talk with the management

management’s main role fort being close to the clients is to pamper the clients and spoil them as much as possible so that they are happy and come back

8. Clearly state what your clients should expect from you

The easiest way to disappoint your clients is to not be enough articulate in what exactly you offer. If your clients have the wrong perception of what you can and are offering them it might be a challenge to turn them into repetitive business. Of course not all of your clients will be interested to know more about how you do your business but this is on them. What depends on you is to have the information out there for them whenever they want to find it.

9. Know everything about your products and services

Be sure to know what you are doing and know what you are talking about. If you don’t your clients will be quick to sniff that and then you might find yourself in trouble.

10. Always take your client’s side

We have all been hearing that the client is always right but the truth of the matter is that even when the client is not right it’s bad for your business not to take their side. By a rule – a happy client will tell one or 2 other people, an unhappy client will tell 10 more and they will each tell 1 or 2 more. No matter what, is it really worth it not to take your client’s side?

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