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my MISSION as a Coach

iceberg2I inspire, encourage and support passion, integrity and fulillment for Balance in Life.

This is what it turned out to be my mission statement after I finished reading Path, The: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life but for a long time it didn’t make much sence to me.

Then, one day, I ususally take up the big decisions in my life like this, I woke up with the idea that I want to be a life coach. With time and training at Internaional Coach Academy I grew up to Life and Money coach and my mission statement started to make a little bit more sence to me.

I started to understand why have I always been drawn to professions where I am at other people’s service – like psychological testing for character dispositions and strengths, like sales and promotions, like executive. If there is an executive out there who thinks that the successful executives are not helping others by solving their problems either directly or through their direct reports, I would love to have a chat with them.

But then, Balance in Life was just a mistery. I knew I was drawn to it when I was creating my mission statement but why it never dawned on me until today.

I usually exercise myself with mental games every day – just to keep myself in shape- and the focus of todays workout was to define my value as a coach in a word or two. Many words came to my mind but I finally picked up those: heart’s desires (maybe affected still by the magnificent book –
Your Heart’s Desire: Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want )and ROI (return on investment).

In the very moment in which I made the connection between the two – once you manifest your heart’s desires your return on investment in self development and business start-up is tremendous.

When you follow the calling from your heart of hearts you have no other option but to life with passion. Fulfillment comes when you life out your passion in your private and business life. Personal Integrity is what is being developed during the journey of attracting your heart’s desires ito your life.

Balance is being achieved in life when once we discover our passion we don’t stop there. We go a step further and turn the life we have around who we genuinely are and what we genuinely desire. What happens is that when we life true to our hearts we become unstoppable and as a result we not only attract what we want but we also attract higher standard of life, better relationships with others and with money and more money.

The Universe opens its gates of generosity to those who are ready to receive in abundance.

You know how some individuals and businesses love to continually develop themselves and work hard tp grow their business but are scared ot hate to promote themselves and their services so they get to lose a lot of potential financial gain and as a result they never have a really striving private and business life.

Well, as The Life and Money Coach I devote my time with my clients to bringing back the balance in their life. In my experience, once you leverage yourself with personal and / or business development to your benefit will be to ask for a better price for your time and energy. And that’s not always easy when on your own. I guide and support my clients to find, develop and bring to the next level their true passions so that they can get the highest possible return on investment in a fun and easy way.

My mission as a coach ® Tsvetanka Petrova. All Rights Reserved

About the Author

Tsvetanka Petrova – Sue, the Good Karma Coach, specializes in choosing who you want to BE and being in alignment with this feeling and knowledge so that you can attract easily and effortlessly your desires along your path that correspond with who you are.

She has a first-hand experience with overcoming impossible obstacles, surviving through all storms and attaining unimaginable financial and personal success for her age as a result.

Tsvetanka’s web site: and blog: are a valuable resource with lots of free articles and success tools.

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