Guiding you to set up your business for success by overcoming emotional and behavioral roadblocks


“Tsvetanka Petrova is a wonderful life coach and friend. She uses a variety of powerful tools and connects with you at a deep personal level. I truly recommend working with her as I admire her gifts and her passion for helping others.”

Cezarina Trone, USA, Visionary Life Coach

“Going back to study for a complete change of career is not easy, but I was so fortunate to have Sue as my peer coach…. She volunteered which I found very admirable…. Completely professional with wonderful listening skills, she kept me focused and on track…. sometimes without me even realizing what she was up to! No question or worry was too trivial and she seems to have information, empathy,skills, passion and integrity ‘On Tap’! I can honestly recommend her to anyone who needs to find direction and get focused…. Not just in business, but in life! Thank you Tsvetanka”

Paula Frager

“Tsvetanka is an outstanding Business Coach who always manages to get you to the point of what really matters, in a very practical way. She is an amazing listener, and capable of helping you find, very effectively, the best solution for you. I really enjoyed being coached by Tsvetanka, and am very happy about the results I achieved thanks to her excellent professional support.”

Myriam Callegarin

“Tsvetlnka Petrova exceeded my expectations as a startup set up coach. She was highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. When I first began receiving coaching from Tsvetlanka I really had no idea how to set up or market my business. She helped me define my goals, set up strategies and marketing plans and develope my own unique business ideas. I now feel confident that I have all the tools I need in order to not only succeed but thrive in todays economy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is starting a business or needs help with setting up their business She is creative insightful and clever. All the fears I had about marketing are gone and I am now ready to focus on my company.”

Drifa Ulfarsdottir

“I have worked with Tsvetanka and find her to very intuitive to catch onto ideas and situations that she might not have direct experience with. She inspires and does not make you feel bad when pointing out the obvious. I find her to be wise beyond her years and a great person to work with.”

Mike Taylor

“I began my coaching with Tsvetanka hoping to raise my business confidence. Through imagery and example, she was able to help me articulate some of the less helpful patterns and mindsets I held and encourage me to move forward. As our sessions progressed, I got very busy and stressed! The exercises and tools that she suggested showed an insight into whole-life balance, my personal situation and my character. Tsvetanka draws ideas from what I’ve come to believe is an extensive range of practical tools and meditative disciplines. She works with both creativity and logic.”

Colleen Lynch

“I am a Life Coach as well and Tsvetanka had been my coach for 12 sessions. Before telling you how I benefited from the sessions, let me tell you how I see her as a coach: She loves what she does, is very dedicated to her job and has a well planned strategy to be a big coach! She is always investing in herself and taking steps to reach her goals while enjoying the moment, not only the results. She had been my model as a coach in many ways. We had sessions in the very early and late hours of the day, she was always there to support. Our sessions were mainly about developing my business and very mind opening. I learned to listen to my inner voice more than ever. I had many ideas on my mind coming from what I had heard and read. Putting all these apart, I managed to reach my inner voice and became clear about WHAT and HOW I want to do! So, thank you Tsvetanka for being my guide, model and coach.”

Hakan Arabacioglu

“Tsvetanka aka Sue is an amazing listening. She is an uncanny ability to listen to your thoughts and sum them up in a very profound way. As I begin a new journey in my life she has really helped me solidify my plan and move forward. I’ve also asked her to work with one of my sales representatives and I can already see him becoming more accountable to himself.”

Mayda Cruz

“Tsvetanka is a life coach who brings a very creative approach to her work, which results in greater clarity and deeper personal understanding. I would highly recommend her.”

Lois Freeke

“I feel a great connection with Sue. Since we started our coaching sessions, I felt rigth from the beginning her capacity tolisten and interact with her client without judgement. Sue is someone who cares, consistent, proffesional and supportive. I am greatful to Sue for her capacity to engage with her client and her guidance.

Pedro Ramirez.Montreal, Canada

“I am proud to have Tsvetanka as a core connection. I have known her on LinkedIn for a few months and she has gone out of her way to answer questions and give me feedback. Her practical suggestions got me started publishing articles. Her blog stimulates new ways of viewing my situation and is a welcome read. I would have no hesitation recommending Tsvetanka as a coach.”

Jim Sutton CPT, SPHR, Freelance Writer

“Working with Tsvetanka helped me to become aware of some of my delusions and mistakes.She is patient, actively listening and empathic.I feel in control of my own life sense I started to work with my coach.The action steps after each session helped me to get to know myself better, to discover deeper meaning and to free from limitations, imposedbeliefs from some of the people in my life.Now I think az a emotionality free person.I came to realize that if someone doesnt love me is their choise and this does not mean that I do not deserve to be loved.she supports me to be more optimistic and create positive vision for the future.Our sessions are over the phone but I sense that her style is direct and helpful in designing action. Thank you Tsvetanka for all your support. With respect: Slavina”

Slavina Dilinska

“Tsvetanka Petrova is truly a wonderful coach. Through our coaching, I was able to gain a greater sense of confidence in myself and my business. Our work together left me inspired and ready to take action. In addition to being an excellent resource for my business building questions, Sue was an amazing listener and had a tremendous gift of hearing the things that may have been spoken, but I was not fully aware of. Her insights always left me with a greater understanding of myself and my relationship to my work. I highly recommed Sue as a start-up, set up coach. She will move you to the point of concept to action to results!”

Danielle Zanzarov

“Tsvetanka is a great coach with an amazingly broad base of knowledge that enables her to bring meaning into any conversation. I have enjoyed the depth of the dialogues as well as the practical nature of the solutions. Tsvetanka listens acutely and asks very effective questions; interactions with her challenged me to reflect far beyond the topics at hand thus opening different levels of interpretation. I also appreciated her flexibility to fit the sessions into my schedule despite the time differences.

Piotr Grzywacz, Tokyo

“Tsvetanka Petrova (aka Sue) provided a 15 minute laser coaching session for me in a Supervised Coach class. She was attentive and committed throughout the session. I achieved my goal of being more disciplined about eating in the middle of the day. Sue volunteered to send me an email reminder every day for 7 days. She kept her commitment which is something that I value.”

Pixie Stevenson

“It was really great to have ‘Sue’ as my coach ! She asks great questions that lead you to ‘discover yourself’ , what things really means to you , let you discover what you really want and she is just great at making her clients put an action plan that takes them to their next level ! Congratulations Sue!”

Roberto Moussi

“Tsvestanka Petrova (Sue) has been my peer personal business coach at ICA over the last two- month period of time. Her professionalism and commitments have always exceeded my expectation – who can expect that someone will give you a call all the way from Europe at 2:00 a.m. her local time just after she experienced a family emergency and still does not even mention it before you ask her about it? As a coach, one of her strengths can be found in her great listening skills. She listens to your story with a great passion, throws you adequate and challenging questions which make you aware of what the real agenda is for you. Her ability to idenify the “issues” is simply amazing. Throughout the session, I have been happy with the outcome – a planning for my new business website including redefining the area of my expertise. Tsvetanka is also good at giving you a comfortable pressure so that you keep running.”

Kei Than

“I worked with Tsvetanka Petrova at a time that I felt overwhelmed and time pressured. Having my own business, mother of three and getting a degree in coaching. She helped realign my goals and get back into the awareness that taking care of others starts with taking care of myself. I feel like time is on my side know and I am enjoying much more the process. Thank you”

Ariane Verrijken

“As one of Tsventanka’s trainers at ICA, I found her to be a skillful coach with a great deal of genuiine warmth and caring for her clients.”

Jamee Tenzer , Trainer , International Coach Academy

“Sue is one of the Best Coaches at ICA, she is very dedicated to the beautiful process of Coaching. She has helped me move mountains on my journey to starting my coaching practice and to find out what love is for me. You will be very impressed with Sue’s level of skill in coaching”

Brandy Sommer Wood, Canada

“Sue is a super dedicated coach, she is determined, focused and truly passionate about her work that she’s constantly striving to offer the best she has to give her clients the best she can offer. It was a pleasure working with her.”

Shahira Rifaat, Egypt


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