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5 Setbacks that Stop You BIG Time

consciousnessHave you ever felt that you want to succeed but whatever you do there seems to be all kinds of things that are stopping you? While it is true that life happens, it’s how we respond to it that makes a difference. What usually happens is that we get accustomed to how we perceive the reality and unnoticed we react to it, again in a habitual way. Here are the 5 most common automatic reactions I see around me and how they influence your life.

1. Poverty mindset – If you consistently prime yourself with “I don’t have money”, “there is never enough”, then you set yourself up for a self-fulfilling prophecy. This doesn’t mean thatlying to yourself that you have money if you don’t will work. What it means is that as soon as you focus on “I don’t have ” and “I can’t afford”, you miss the opportunity to mobilize yourself to look for a solution instead of dwelling on the problem.

2. Powerless Attitude – You know you feel powerless when you just don’t seem to go anywhere from where you are. You will notice that you see no direction you can take and no solution by the way you look at things. Every time when you find excuses and  complain you delude yourself that you do something about the situation you are in while in fact you don’t really take any action that will bring a positive change.

3. Doubt dwelling – If you don’t believe in yourself, in what you do, that things will go in a better direction (with your active help) then  nobody else will and even if they will, your disbelief will soon discourage them. Going down a negative spiral is trapping you into inaction more than anything else. And the worst part about it is that it had the ability to signal others to stay away from clouds of gloom and doom.

4. Resistance to change – Life would be a Heaven on Earth if only everything was perfect and unchanging but that movie is not played in the cinema of real life. So,  you either go with the change, meet with your fear, go out of your comfort zone, or you resist it and stay the same and sooner or later start regreting that you do not live the life you wish you could.

5. Avoiding the NOW –  Most often, when you don’t make amends with your past (appreciate it for happening whether bringing you good or bad experience) you drive the car of your life into a forward direction looking back. Do you think you really are going far without looking at the road and the direction? Others, live in the perfect future trying to imagine it into being. And, that’s all good as long as you don’t expect to have your Olimpic medal to arrive by the mail while you do nothing to get tit in the mean time. Living in a dream for the future is like trying to catch the air around you. The past moment is already gone. The future moment is not there yet. What you have is the present moment and this is where you can determine what the future would be like for you and how you perceive the past.

Setbacks are like blind spots – different coping strategies which once upon a time we started using in order to deal with what comes our way. Maybe at that time these strategies were helping us and maybe they are still helping us in a way. There is a pay-off, something we protect ourselves from.  But, does this  align with who we are or want to be now. Once we become aware what we do and what is the protective reason to do it, we c an decide differently. We can decide to take the leading role in our life and not allow old habits to rule our life!

Tsvetanka Petrova, CPC
The Start-up Set up  Coach

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Testimonials – Roberto Moussi

“It was really great to have ‘sue’ as my coach ! She asks great questions that lead you to ‘discover yourself’ , what things really means to you , let you discover what you really want and she is just great at making her clients put an action plan that takes them to their next level ! Congratulations Sue!” December 11, 2008

Roberto Moussi

A road less traveled – Gratitude

The doors of spirituality open with a Thank You and a feeling of appreciation. For many people spirituality is a mystery ground where you have to work hard, maybe struggle or fight with yourself to achieve piece, happiness, serenity.

But right on the contrary, the more you go with the flow and stay aware of the feelings, thoughts and actions in every moment, the less you have to work for attaining balance in your life. In this way you say to the world – “My cup is not full, my cup is not empty. I am my cup and I am ready to receive all the goodness life has to offer in it”.

Becoming spiritual is not about hard work – it’s about building practices that bring you joy. Spirituality is all about being joyous. There are a few well known ways to attracting joy and happiness in your life in a way that it comes to stay in your life and the one most known and least understood fully is Gratitude.

Everyone can start with the simple words – Thank you. I personally say thank you many times a day – and what I do is I don’t just say it but I also mean it and this makes all the difference. In addition to that – to feel appreciation for everything that is happening to you – good or bad – is difficult and at the same time liberating. To regard in high value all the good things in your live sets forth in motion even more good things to come to you. Opportunities seek you more easily, because when you appreciate what you already have in your life, you create space for more things to be grateful about to come to you.

Of course not everything in life is good. There are sometimes unpleasant things that happen to us and gratitude for the lessons that we learn from these unpleasant experiences is the road to healing. Letters of appreciation often times bring awareness and build momentum to continue on your path with hope.

There are a few things to consider when practicing Gratitude:

What are the positive things that come into your life when you feel thankfulness and appreciation?

What are the things that you do to walk and talk with Gratitude?

How do you change ungratefulness and disrespect into gratitude in your life?

What I do is when I feel that I am not enough appreciative and I don’t know why this is happening I just pay attention to everything – to my breathing, to my talking, to my voice, to my expressions, to the way I dress and convey myself, to the way I address things around me. And what I am looking for is the answer to the question: WHY do I do what I do?

And eventually I get to the answer myself – just by staying in the present moment and noticing the world around me with a smile and curiosity. And I am Grateful for that insight!

A road less traveled – Gratitude © 2008 Tsvetanka Petrova. All Rights Reserved.

Tsvetanka Petrova – Sue, the Good Karma Coach, specializes in helping you to choose who you want to be and to be in alignment with this feeling and knowledge so that you can attract easily and effortlessly your desires along your path that correspond with who you are.

She has a first-hand experience with overcoming impossible obstacles, surviving through all storms and attaining unimaginable financial and personal success for her age as a result.

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