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I want clientele

Do you want each one of your clients to bring you 5 more?
Do you know you can achieve that in 30 min a day?

Have you wondered how it seems so natural that some businesses strive? That they are doing really good. So good that you wonder: How did they do it?
Do you want to be like them?
Do you want to know what they do so that you can do it too and have your business off the ground?

With this 12 week seminar you will learn how in just 30 min a day you can turn any investment in your business into a golden mine. You will learn the number one reason why many businesses struggle to stay above the water and how those who have no problem doing so enjoy the
Week 1 – Show off with your business
Week 2 – Attract your clients
Week 3 – Focused Servicing
Week 4 – Client satisfaction
Week 5 – Repeat business strategies
Week 6 – Turn your clients into clientele
Week 7 – Ask for business
Week 8 – Set up you referral system
Week 9 – Network for success
Week 10 – Get remembered
Week 11 – Get talked about
Week 12 – Celebrate with your clients

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Tsvetanka Petrova – Sue, the Good Karma Coach, specializes in choosing who you want to BE and being in alignment with this feeling and knowledge so that you can attract easily and effortlessly your desires along your path that correspond with who you are.

She has a first-hand experience with overcoming impossible obstacles, surviving through all storms and attaining unimaginable financial and personal success for her age as a result.

Tsvetanka’s web site: and blog: is a valuable resource with lots of free articles and success tools.

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