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What is Life and Money Coaching?

Life and Money Coaching is an ongoing, non-judgmental partnership that s focused on the client’s quest to achieve results in the direction they want to go.

You wil recognize yourself as a person who would look for a life and money coach if you:

– would love to be financialy free and would love to spend money the way you want to as much as you want to but you hate paying your credit cards, you hate worrying about money and paying the bills on time, you hate living for the next paycheck to come in

– absolutely would die to do what you love to do for a living and make millions of money out of it (as soon as possible if possible) and at the same time have healthy relationships in your private life but you hate to venture on your own and you hate to be rejected by others if you start to behave differently.

Coming from my background I am good at both life and money matters and what I enjoy the most is mixing them in my practice because in our relationship with money we show who we ar as a person and how we behave with others. By the same token in our interacitons with the World we give out red flags on how we behave with money and the World responds t us accordingly.

As a life coach I will work with you one-on-one or in a group to:

* inspire, encourage and support your personal growth – I truly believe that each one of us is a genuine diamond which has all the right in the world to shine bright like a star

* determine, learn, practice and implement in your work and private life the skills and behaviours which will make you a success story – I have been in a place where I have been challenged and provoked by the ones who were supposed to train and support me and I have also been in a place where others have been helping me out to figure out things about myself and about my behaviour and I know the difference.

* setting aims – Most of the life coaches worth with setting goals which I also do occasionally, dependin on the personality of my client but most of the times I work with setting aims so that when you go into action you gravitate towards the outcome you want. You don’t necessarily need to map your desired outcome to get there although this is a good way too. What I hve discovered for myself and I practice it a lot in my coaching is that we work on what your intentions are and we brainstorm actions, resources and ways to create a support group so that we move forward towards what we want and also mak it easier for whatever we want to come into our life.

*overcome fears and limiting throughts – My brain is wired in such a way that I easily spot the weak points of my clients and with all the life and coaching experience that I have I enthusiastically guide them in a way that they take ownership of their future and of their success. And sometimes – very small changes implemented in the right place make a huge difference.

* focus on the present and future – I firmly believe that to live in each and every moment makes your life full.

* achieve balance in your personal and professional life – We go through series of attainable steps to bring harmony and piece into your life.

*create your ideal life picture – There are many different tools that I use to assist you to progress in your endeavors but the final work is up to you. And as the saying goes – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

As a money coach I will:

* help you gain control of your finances – Having couple of businesses on my own I juggle with I deffinitely know a lot about starting up with little to no money and juggling well and having your money double themselves.

* assist you make realistic decisions about the resources you have – Spending habbits are sometimes dificult to fight with if you approach them on the surface level only. There is always a deep reason for the things we do.

* set goals for the future – wherever you are in your life and financial situation you can always plan ith success and put into action towards your financial benfit what you already have – as much as it is or as little as it is.

* guide you to develop financial independence through financial strategies – Financial independence doesn’t happen overnight. It may take months, years and in my case a whole decade. But it’s all worth it – along the way you master self-discipline, self-trust and patience. What I will assist in in addition to that is to enjoy life – in all its luxury and inexpencive way because you deserve to take care of yourself no matter what.

assessing the current financial condition – This is to many clients a sheer surprise. To see exactly where you stand with your money is very powerful though because it will also help you open your mind to all the possibilities out there that are just waiting for you to embrace.

coming up with procedures to restore some balance to the situation – Structures in our lifes make it so easy that it’ shame not to have them all over. Some structures work to our betterment some to our detriment – all we have to do it spot the ones that do not do us any good and change them with the ones what will support us.

Creating additional sources of revenue – there is always a way. Maybe we do not see it now but there is – we will keep looking

design ways to having higher standard of living for the client – this is my genuine pleasure to assist my clients live a better and joyful life. I do show them the ways and upon them to decide which ones are working well for them.

As a coach I will not provide investment advise since my exertise is as a coach only. However, I will provide the resources I have and help the client to obtain his own in order to acquire factual information about various asset creating endeavors.

Everything we do comes with a price – could be money, could be quality of relationships, could be quality of life but there is a price. I assist people in awakeing into the price they pay with their throughts, emotions and behaviours and in assessing the price of life before they make a decision so that they know better and do better.

About the Author

Tsvetanka Petrova – Sue, the Good Karma Coach, specializes in choosing who you want to BE and being in alignment with this feeling and knowledge so that you can attract easily and effortlessly your desires along your path that correspond with who you are.

She has a first-hand experience with overcoming impossible obstacles, surviving through all storms and attaining unimaginable financial and personal success for her age as a result.

Tsvetanka’s web site: and blog: are a valuable resource with lots of free articles and success tools.

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