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The Toll of the Victim Game

gameconservancytrust-victimIn life there are no victims – there are good circumstances and bad circumstances. What we do about it is a choice for which we are accountable and personally responsible.

Life will not always treat you the way you want to and for many the easiest way to respond to unfavorable situations is to play it a victim. The instant gratifications that are so good – the freebies you receive when others feel sorry for you, the extra cash, the promotions at work, the presents, the protection… It’s so good that many of these people become professionals at paying it hopeless and hurt. All you have to do is present the reality in a way so that you look at a loss and CLICK – you get what you want and you get it most of the time – fast and free.

But what happens is, the when you hold the people, the circumstances, the Universe responsible for what happens to you, the Universe hears you and the Law of Attraction triggers the same exact Powerful Blame and pointing of fingers. All of a sudden the Universe responds to you with: “Ok, you blame me, then I will blame you” and sends your way a lot more unfair situations. … at least a million times more than you can handle. And then, your professional acting transforms from a mere play to an unhappy reality.

Even if the helping angels have not figured out the game we play (consciously or unconsciously) they cannot any longer keep up with the “bad luck” that follows us like a shadow. Remember, to get the freebies of the victim bad situations you have to look like one. The more you look like one, the more you attract the situations and the people who will put you in the self- proclaimed victim place. And your game will become a reality – the people will be mean to you for real, will take advantage of you foe real, will dish you to the dogs for real. And in the end you will be a miserable victim for real. Unless you choose not to!

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