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My definition of a successful business is: Know-How with Know-Who and a Know-What. Hence, your marketing and sales consist of basically 3 main activities: networking, speaking and writing. This article is for all those who are just starting and feel shy speaking, who are sick and tired of going to networking meetings without much or any results and who are like me … love to express themselves writing and feel perfectly comfortable in the company of their laptop. Here are the 5 must-haves for a sky rocket sales without speaking at all.


I won’t be claiming that all your problems will be solved once you hire a team of assistants. Just like in the corporate world: there are good employees and bad employees. The difference is that now you are the employer and you get to decide what’s helping your business and what is not.  But there are at least 5 reasons that you need a virtual team and here they are:

If you do business online, then sooner or later you run into the 3 things you must do before you go into a sales conversation: SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The key to getting visible, driving traffic to your website and helping your conversion rates is: the skillful use of KEYWORDS. Here are the 5 business critical keyword uses:

When it comes to marketing your business online, it could take you tons of time or it can take you a one hour a day with a lot of seconds used highly effectively and of course a pile of work done. So, which one of the two do you do? Here are the top 5 traffic generating marketing activities for your online presence:

5 Social Media Must-DOs

f you run your own business, I’m pretty sure by now that you’ve already experienced that social media marketing (My Favorite 3: Linked in , Twitter and Facebook) can take all the time in the world and the results are still not there or it can be done by someone else for you but what do  you instruct them to do. Let me tell you.

While I was recruiting for my team I rejected quite a lot of people. Maybe they were very skilled, maybe they were just as good and just as experienced as they said they were but they did not get the job. What I am going to share is my own criteria for when I speak to a potential client and this is the same check list I used for hiring my team. If you use it yourself or for your own recruiting in your business – you will quickly see the difference between hiring someone and having things done.

Wherever you are in your business, sooner or later comes in the huge need to promote. In the end without a promotion of your business, where are the clients going to come from? The questions that usually circle around when it comes to promoting your product or service are: Where to find the clients? What am I going to tell them so that they buy? What does my client really want- so that I can tweak my offer and give it to them? These are all the right questions, just asked in the wrong way. When you answer those 5 questions you will not need to ask yourself the usual ones.

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