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5 SIGNS Your Dark Sides Control Your Life

When you go though situations, feelings, relationships, that are unpleasant or even painful to your core, that means that a button of yours have been pushed. The thing is – the more and the better you know your buttons the easier and more joyful life can be BECAUSE it won’t be other people or circumstances that will have a hold on you but YOU, Yourself will be deciding how to respond when others are pushing them.

1. Loneliness – It is a HUGE hot spot for most people. Feelings of connectedness and support are very important YET we have only ourselves to rely on sometimes and the responsibility of being the sole proprietor of the outcomes of your life is enormous. Sometimes unbearable. That’s why it’s much safer , much more comfortable to live with the pain of being all alone,all by yourself instead of looking for the heart to heart connection with others.

2. Envy – When something really aggravates you in somebody else, just ask yourself – Can it be because I want what they have, want to be in their place, want to be who they are? If it is so, then ask yourself what you will do with that knowledge. you can back stab them , sabotage their progress, trick them into falling, OR you can learn to walk and talk like them, learn what it is about yourself that you can improve on, imitate them, and get to know the nuts and bolts of of how they got to BE who they are, HAVE what they have and DO what they do.

3. Helplessness – Is this familiar: I just can’t make it, I can’t , I give up, … Don’t worry, I’ve heard it before. One way or another, we all go down those dead end streets where every thing seems out of place and just out of our control. Someone once told me: I’ve never seen before somebody who bounces back so quickly and at that time I just though that this is just the way it is supposed to be. But then I got surprised as to how many people just quit following their dreams, stop believing in themselves, keep going into a vicious circle. Why? Because they didn’t find the strength or the help to get out of the rut they once upon a time fell into.

4. Betrayal – At one point in life or another we’ve been hurt by somebody else’s betrayal – parent, lover, partner, friend, own child… One way or another this type of pain has crossed our path and left a mark on our forehead or among the white hairs on our head. Some, close their hearts and build gigantic walls around them so that nobody comes close to them and hurt them. As a consequence their whole life revolves around playing itt safe. On the other side – from our greatest pain is born our greatest growth.

5. Resentment – Some people in our lives have wronged us. They didn’t treat us right, they took something from us, the used us .. As a result we get all defensive every time when we think of that time or those people. That suppressed, bottle up kind of hate, even though is targeted towards them is actually inside us. And what happens with all the negative feelings that live with us? Those feelings keep US awake at night not THEM. The question is- when we forgive something who do we set free?

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5 WAYS to Create Time Working for Yourself

One of the top reasons that things are not dome on time is that there is just not enough time and way too much to do. Luckily, there ARE ways to be on top of the 24/7 clock you are in and have a happy smile in the morning instead of a dismal one. If you are your boss and your only employee, this may sound like mission impossible, but here are 5 ways you can accomplish it:

1. Separating Business time from Non-business time – Working for yourself can easily go into thinking about your business all the time. The downside of this is your mind quickly figures out that it can take its time when some work needs to be done. Over time that translates to describing yourself as working all the time in your business and your private life starts to hurt. Now, most solopreneurs go into business BECAUSE they want to have the flexibility to choose to work on their terms. The best way to do it is – to fix your working hours. You can start with 8 hours a day, with lunch and break time taken into consideration, as if you are the boss of yourself. Then, gradually go to 7.5 hrs, 7hrs and so on until you get to 4hr day. You will be surprised how once you put your mind into it – you can finish what you used to do in 3 hours for just one.

2. Chunk down the daily tasks and do them beforehand – Whatever business you are in there are always tasks that you can do before you need them – like a preparation, especially if you are promoting your business online. Your marketing materials, your administrative tasks, your business development plans .. these are all projects you can do way ahead of time and the good news is that once you do them – you can set your mind into other important business aspects like sustainability, growth, sales, especially sales. Your sales letters are probably the best thing you can write in advance.

3. Automate as much as possible – Web tools and project management tools are really created to be your best friend. You can always do things in an old-fashioned way but the truth is – if you want to be able to have your full focus on your money generating business tasks your emails need to not depend on you (set autoresponders for as many things you can think about), your newsletters shouldn’t be depending on your manually doing the work, as well as your blog posts, business accounting, phone calls.

4. Organizing and synchronizing you office, computer and calendar space – As soon as you train yourself to put into categories and folders all your information and ideas, color differently your calendar activities based on the type of task that will be completed, you will immediately save hours of otherwise wasted time in searching though the notes, or in the computer, or figuring out which day of the week or the month to do what. That way you really do have one business and not 3 (one in the home office, one stored in the computer, one on the calendar). The best part is – once you start noticing the extra time you have on your hands, you will quickly fill it up with more pleasant activities – like vacations, family time or even more marketing for your business.

5. Finish tasks the first time you come across them – The biggest ally of being self employed and overwhelmed by never ending work is PROCRASTINATION. Once you don’t do something the first time, you may thing you will do it later but what really happens is that in your heard you keep having the conversation: “I have to do it”- “I don’t want to do it”; I need to do it”- “I really don’t want to do it” etc which keeps wasting your time. And if you want to have more of it in your hands, you don’t want to keep spending it on activities that don’t help you move forward.

5 SIGNS That You Are Stuck in Your Business

Part of being a business owner is to overcome challenges and bring your business to the next level while focusing on keeping it alive and profitable day in and day out. But sometimes what we cant to see as challenge is actually a state of being stuck – neither moving forward nor maintaining a satisfying results status quo. Here are the signs:

1.The list of tasks keeps growing but the old tasks don’t get done. Remember – first things first. If, like most business owners who are doing it all on their own, you multitask lots of projects and tasks at the same time then ask yourself if you are advancing in any of them. If at least one of your projects is moving forward, then your business as a whole is moving forward. Even baby steps count. As long as you keep your focus on the direction and don’t bring your engines to a hal, you are making progress. On the other hand if tasks keep piling up and you find yourself saying constantly that you are busy but no tasks get auctioned on, then you just excuse yourself for not doing anything.

2.You find yourself wishing for some free time – one of the vital signs for you being stuck while operating your business is that time is never enough. Well managed business starts with managing your time effectively and realistically. A big time waster is when you don’t like to perform a particular task to delay doing it and to contemplate how little you like it a lot. Thinking is not doing – it’s time wasting.

3.Daydreaming about that great business success but not creating a road map to move from where you are right now to where you want to be – having a vision or a dream for your great success is the first step to attaining it but this step will lead you nowhere if you don’t act on it every day. Furthermore, quite often I literally hear that the plan is to do the giant steps and then get the results. What happens more often is that these giant steps consist of a number of small steps. The difference between a plan, a good plan and a great plan for the business is that a plan is to make the giant steps but overlooking the sub-processes these giant steps involve – a good plan considers the big steps and the small steps but a truly great plan has strategies to move from small steps to small step until a giant step is completed.

4.Allowing life to get in the way – there’s always something: somebody gets sick, the holiday season is coming and you need to prepare, some renovation around the house is taking place, a relocation, a change in social status – like a break up, divorce or a new relationship, you need to finish something in order to take the next steps etc. this is a huge test for all business owners because life will always keep happening. Unexpected situations or delays can and will keep coming your way. What we do with it how we respond to it is what makes a difference. If we stay focused keep going and don’t give up, then our business boat is safely anchored from the storms of life and regardless of which way the wind is blowing – our boat is not to sink.

5.Not taking care of us – how can this keep you stuck? Well, if you are new to your business, most probably you will do your best; invest all your energy, to keep it up and running. That involves less time for self case like spa, fitness, and weekend getaways. But when self care is in the luxury you don’t really need over time you start to need more time to recharge to feel less enthusiasm for all that you do and to describe yourself as overwhelmed. Even a 30 min meditation a day would do to keep you centered and away from getting stuck in your business.
Tsvetanka Petrova, CPC, Start-up Set up Coach

If you’re spiraling down the no action lane and want to zap out of it and move into the action producing results mode, I’d recommend you to ask yourself how much of your day you do what you really want to do. The course that will help you in clarifying for yourself the path of least effort and some really smart tips on how you can make sure your plan to succeed in your business doesn’t fall into the cracks is 5 signs that you are stuck in your businessTeleclass. It shares my own system to figure out how t get where I want to form where I am right now. All participants in the call receive THEIR business questions answered personally, regardless of whether they ask them live, on the call, before or after it. And of course, an MP3 recording of the call is available for download less than an hour after the call.

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The benefit of knowing your archetype


The knowledge of archetypal influences in one’s life can be used to help you to become aware of the way they construct the world around you. It reflects you perspectives and leaves room for introducing different perspectives which in turn can lead to the ability to make better choices.

Archetypes can be used as a driving force in revealing and healing automatic responses that come from painful memories, negative self-talk and judgmental beliefs. They can be used as a tool in assisting the client in redirecting their life and in finding a way to express their untapped creative potential.

They provide a systematization for and explanation of your life’s journey so far and aid the search for direction and meaning in the interpretation of one’s life. Categorizing the patterns of behavior and explaining them in terms of tasks, lessons and gifts allows you to transcend their present life story and to look at a bigger picture regarding their existence. This picture consists of concepts like potential and opportunities to develop this potential. It allows you to embrace the expression of Self and Shadow Self fully.

Archetypes are a tool for transforming one’s world view from powerless to empowered and call for realization of creativity and effectiveness. Knowing your own current tasks and lessons allows you to consciously choose your reality, your story. The possibility to tap into entirely different life story is no longer an impossible dream but a path that can be mapped out, designed, planned and walked through.

Reinventing yourself as a consequence becomes easy and funny game and re-modeling your life is no longer a daunting task.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Personal and Professional Life Coach

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Why are archetypes important?


Archetypes are like software of the psyche. Just like in a computer, there are different programs we live by and are useful in different situations – like achieving your goals, be close to someone and so forth. More often than not people go around their lives seeing the world though the archetype lenses and acting according to how they see the world without even being aware of that.

When the archetypal narratives that individuals have in their life are not brought into awareness, those mindsets rule them and those individuals are the prisoners of their own archetypal stories. Furthermore, for some people the same story or the same kinds of relationships repeat themselves over and over in their life without them being able to understand what the real triggers of those events and relationships are. It’s as if they live out those events over and over again until they do them “right” (in archetypal terms – they learn the lesson from the past, solve the task of the particular archetype, and receive the gift of knowing how to do things differently in the future) and break the cycle.

A study of the archetypes and the role they play in people’s lives is necessary to aid he individuals to know their stories and by knowing them, to be able to live them out in satisfactory way. Life experiences and learning from mistakes eventually brings the individual to the awareness which roads they want to take again and which ones they don’t want to walk though again. With this understanding the life of those individuals starts to improve gradually.

However, the use of a combination of the theory and application of the archetypes in everyday life and the assistance of a coach can significantly fasten this journey towards living an archetypal story in a fulfilling for the individual way for the client. Also, some of the lessons can be learned without going down the road of pain and suffering.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Personal and Professional Life Coach

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How to not give up halfway to reaching your goal

When you don’t know what you want but you know you are unhappy with something in your life the way it is right now, you have a choice. You can leave the way things are and most people do – because this is the easy way out. But, this is a temporaty choice. After some time, the inertia has consequences which once set in motion are inescapable. The other route is a frightening one and takes courage to take it.  It is the choice to make a change. Once this choice is made the seemingly impossible task to re-define your world inside and out slowly gets sorted out … with lots of work.

life_lessonsAnd sooner or later you arrive at a place where you are no longer at the confused, trapping place you were before but you are also not at the blissful and fulfilling dream place you’ve envisioned. So, what do you do to keep on moving forward?

1.  Learn from the forces that pull you back to your old ways – The more you walk away from something you don’t want any more in your life the more likely it will get pulled back from time to time. And this is perfect. Because now, as opposite to before,m you know where you are coming from, you can decide differently, take a different route and learn from the mistakes.

2. Learn from new situations in which you are presented with the opportunity to decide differently – These events that you strangely attract in your life are such a trill if you can have your small victories and don’t fall back to whare you don’t want to go.  Once you start recognizing those opportunities and grab them – you become the creator of your new reality, new you. And this is great.

3. Learn from your past experiences and appreciate them – after some time the new paths you once wished to take become your reality and you start to quickly and automatically respond in the new way. Once you get to this stage, congratulate yourself. You deserve it! You past experiences are still there but now as just lessons or even step stones you had to go though in order to get to your destination. And that’s so perfect. Understanding and compassion help you understand your life’s meaning on a deaper level.

Interested in knowing more how you can make better choices? Visit, sign up for the weekly newsletter to be the first to know what’s new, or call me at (866)328-2326. If you know somebody who will benefit from my coaching, please don’t hesitate to send them my way. I will make sure that when they sign up you will get free coaching or a commission.

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