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Regardless of your age, or where you live, or how educated or uneducated you are, or what you have or don’t have, you absolutely can make a million. So, why you don’t have it already? The #1 reason is that you do not allow yourself to think the unthinkable anything you don’t think about has the tendency to not show up  in your life. Let me show you the way:

1. Have the desire to– IF you don’t have a million already, most likely you do not have the desire to. To decide that you want to have that million is not an easy thing. You have to feel that you want it, that you deserve it, that you’re going to get it. For 80% of business owners this is unthinkable because they struggle to get by. And this is the toughest part. Just because something is unthinkable to you  now, doesn’t mean it is unattainable. In fact, you already have all you need around you to make that million. should you decide you want to.

2. Make a Decision –  Desires without a commitment are just a daydream. And the good things about day dreams is that they make us feel good for a very short while.  But they don’t make a real change in your life. It’s the decision to have a million that brings the commitment and the persistence to bring that thought into your reality.

3. Have Clear Direction – And of course, as many thoughts that start from the realm of the unthinkable  and travel all the way to the realm of reality, there is a long way with lots of ups and downs. The most important thing is – to hold that thought and not loose sight of the path you’ve taken to make  it a reality.

4. Upgrade Your Tribe – The bigger the stretch from where you are right now,  the stronger will be the pulling forces that will be commanding you, your sub-conscious to go back to where you were, to not change, to stay as you are. And this is just inevitable. That’s the reason why so many people live their lives small. But there are the others who make it work by being among already advanced people. They also hire coaches and mentors – who are many leaps ahead of them to pull them into that direction so that they just don’t go back to the old situation.

5. Learn The Money Talk – To make money is a skill. And like all skills can be thought and learned.  How we feel about making money in our business will largely determine if we actually go out and make that money or do nothing and achieve nothing. You may be teaching yourself that there is  lack of money every day. For example, not saying Thank you, not helping the less fortunate or complaining about not being as fortunate as you wish to.  While you keep reinforcing that there is not enough money, money are like a precious diamond – rare to find and very expensive you will be pulling yourself back to your old situation. No matter what.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Start-up Set up  Coach

Twitter @ Pros_LifeCoach | 201.467.4941

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Comments on: "5 STEPS to Make Your First Million" (3)

  1. Bixaluttmit said:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  2. Deepak Sahoo said:

    Its so true…
    Gr8 thought.. 🙂

    Best Wishes
    Deepak Sahoo

  3. Great Post! I can’t agree more! I am a true believer in the law of attraction. However and like you said its not only just about thinking it but taking that consistent action or inspired action. Thanks for sharing your post-Love it!

    All the best,

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