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We can’t control what happens to us. What we can control is how we respond to that. Our attitude makes all the difference. It can help us to go that extra mile or it can leave us standing empty-handed in the side lines. To be successful it is important to take charge of your attitude. Otherwise someone else will choose it for you and you may not like the result f that. Here are the 5 subtle example of that:

1. He/she made me do it – The #1 setback for start-up entrepreneurs  is: Their FAMILY. The family does not accept or approve the change, or they start expecting you to have lots of money (since you have a business of your own) and that you need to keep helping them out and doing them favors … indefinitely.  Well, both scenarios are part of life. So, get over it. You are part of a family unit / friend circle  and it is natural to be influenced by them. However, if you keep justifying inaction or failure to achieve something with them, you are not helping yourself to get out of whatever the situation is at all.

2. Why don’t you do it– That is a phenomenon I see being advertised a lot these days. Yes, business owners have assistants, they with with a team of contractors. BUT they also DO work as well. See, I love what Tyra Banks does. She has the millions and still she does the work. I’m absolutely sure she has a lot of help – from copywriters to VAs. However, every day – you see her on the show. So, my advise is: don’t be negligent to your business, or you just get a job.

3. How will I do that –  This is very interesting way of thinking. Not very helpful though. Let me tell you why. You have business because of the value and the results you deliver. That’s it. How am I going to launch that product, how am I going to  market, how am I going to sell. The moment you pay too much attention to learning skills (which by the way you need to learn one way or another) you move away from your core and from what your clients come to you for.

4. I’ve been busy – Whenever I hear this I really feel bad about this person because not long ago I used to be exactly the same. I measured success with being busy. If you are doing this – you need to stop fast because you will either go out of business fast or you will be constantly stressed from not producing good / or sometimes any results. The correct measurement for success is : results. And you know that. What you don;t know is that – the tasks that bring in the results are to be always on top of your list and always – DONE.

5. What is the problem – If you are in business more than 6 months, then you know that things rarely go as smooth as we wish them to. If every time things go wrong you sit down and analyze – what is the problem, what happened, why did it go this way, why it didn’t happen that way, you are stuck. And you are stuck not because things went wrong but because you are asking yourself the wrong questions. It’s not the problem that needs to be in your focus – it’s the solution that you need to seek.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Start-up Set up  Coach

Twitter @ Pros_LifeCoach | 201.467.4941

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  1. Deepak Sahoo said:

    Gr8 Analysis… !!!

    Best Wishes
    Deepak Sahoo

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