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On-line and off-line holiday sales can be a huge pay day and can make your holiday even sweeter. Easter is one of the biggest holidays and of course shouldn’t go unnoticed. Otherwise you loose in potential sales and that’s a disservice to your clients who may as well be very happy with your holiday special.. Here are my favorite 5 strategies to promote your business during Easter:

1. Special Newsletter – Clients buy following the feelings that the image in their head about your product or service. So, it’s all up to you to create the image and stir the feeling ..using the words that they will clearly recognise as they all celebrate Easter or know what it is like at the latest. Sharing joy, happiness… these are all by products of your service. By products that are very important as after you win a client you need to provide client service or you can be left without one.

2. Online Specials – This is a great turnaround for your online spent holiday time. Think of  an exclusive, limited time, one time offer for a very small group of people that is simply irresistible – value-wise and price-wise. Another way is – to offer one day or two day discounts. Again – for a limited time and you can even add a special bonus to the discount for the first 50, 100 etc, people. The secret to being successful with this is – to talk out loud the benefits and the transformation your offer promises.

3. Exclusive Give-Aways – This is purely on the promotion side of your business. The chance to get a paying client from this is much smaller than if you directly approach your prospects with a clear offer. However, very good way to get few more list members, and fans. So, think of a raffle, contest, free gift you can make your contacts happy with. And of course include on the free gift, give-away product, raffle or whatever you have in mind – the next step: where they can read more about you, how they can contact you, what do you do, what do you work with, etc.

4. Send a mail in letter with an offer– Ok, mails are so old school. But they work. So, why not make up an Easter special, of course – for a few people only, for a limited time and on a very nice price. Yes, we all receive a lot of spam, so your letter needs to be different. Needs to be very yummy, yet empowering the prospect to read more about you, to contact you, to be interested. Stress on not only the offer but also on your genuine interest for a long-term partnership and your genuine wish to help them out.

5. Distribute flyers to local shops – I’m sure you already know where the crowds are in your local community around Easter. Most likely – you clients are there too. So, why not make an offer in the mean time? Just leave some brochures in the local shops and cafes with an irresistible offer for a one time meeting with some interested people with the goal to meet, to chat, to have attendees leave with at least 3 things they can immediately do to improve something in their life, career, business, family, relationships, etc.

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