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If you are starting out – from the ground zero and you want to start from somewhere, anywhere, here are the 5 things you can do:

1. Offer a special – create a limited time special, cut a sweetheart deal or offer a deal  that is so good and so irresistible that your potential client can instantly say: I want this. You can run a special even every week if you want, even if you don’t have a list. In fact you can build a list like that. Just make sure that the specials are time sensitive and on a good price.

2. Create an event – could be a teleclass, teleseminar, expert interviews, radio show, anything; offer it for free and then ask for those who are interested to further work with you to step forward. Make sure that you offer a very interesting content and that you keep your audience’s interest at least most of the time.

3. Send a letter – That is my own royal way to attract fresh clients quickly. It is an art, not just a science. Your job is to send an email invitation to a contact of yours and invite them to work with you. When you do that – always add : what’s in it for the recipient to work with you.

4. Make some phone calls – This is real art as well. You may not close the deal on the first phone call to a contact of yours but you may establish the ground for future calls… that will happen in a few days. Just like in the emails- be honest as to what’s the benefit for them and what’s the benefit for you in the opportunity to work together.

5. Ask to be talked up – Ok, I know nobody likes to bother their friends and family. But hey, you are asking for help here, not for business, at least not directly. If your connections can help somebody they know to solve a problem that thy have by passing along your information, what’s so wrong with that… Nothing. It’s just the way it’s supposed to be.

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