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Not only do you need to target your ideal client as per your niche and in your target market but you also need to know if they are ready to buy. Here are the 5 types:

1. Go-getters – they are busy to DO things that move them forward all the time but they still love to work with you. They have plans, they’ve created steps or would like to have the steps, they wake up with their goal in mind and they want it and they just do whatever they can to get it. Sounds paradoxical at first that someone so enthusiastic to achieve their milestones will reach out for you but not exactly. They want the short-cuts and they want you to show them where they are. Hiring you they reach the finish line faster.

2. Continuous Learners – They just love to explore new depths of knowledge, they enjoy the jolly ride from ignorance, to knowing a little, to seeing the world through a whole new set of glasses. They are growth oriented and any offer you may give to improve themselves, their life, their quality of life, their home. They love to expand on their knowledge in their occupation – they most likely have lots of trainings and certificates. Because this is part of who they are.

3. Power Smarts – They love to be in control, they love to take the credit for whatever achievement they make. It is absolutely out of the question to take away their supremacy when it comes to merits. Even if you did all the work – they will say: I personally chose you. They are also very street smart. They know that all the work is not for them. So they find a support team that will help them in certain aspects of their life, or business journey, most likely in an area where they just don’t know what to do or how to do it and they hire you to show them just that.

4. Loners – Some work and some conversations are just so private and so not for a small talk in the neighbourhood coffee that this type of client is looking for a helper, a listener, a survivor of what they are going though so that they go though that as well – learning from their stories and experience. In their surrounding there is absolutely nobody who will understand or share their beliefs – weather they are about personal growth, own business, cosmic energy, eating raw food, etc.

5. Investors – This type of client know that there is something that they are not good at, or there is something that they do but they do it no so good, something that is stopping them to achieve their results. They are not aiming at reaching their highest potential like the Continuous Learners. On the contrary – they invest their time, energy and money to fix what is broken (may it be a heart, a character trait like mistrust, etc) and to upgrade what is already in place. They look for – what is my biggest return on the investment of time and money and all they hear when you talk to them , or read when you write to them is: result, eventual result, guarantee to get the same result.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Start-up Set up  Coach | 201.467.4941

Get your clients all over the world using these 3 ESSENTIAL Ingredients to Success…


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