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1. Market on what the client needs not what the client wants – Let me explain this with an illustration. No client of yours will wake up in the morning thinking  I want more balance in life. They need balance but they don’t necessarily want it. They may want – more time for themselves and their family, less stress from work, etc. If you send your marketing message with the slgan: More balance in life, chance is- your target market will not understand what you mean.

2. Market on a break-fix basis and forget the improve basis – What I mean by that – generally speaking most clients will quickly respond to your offer for a solution to the problem that keeps them up at night. They say to themselves: If I could get juts this one thing, everything will be all right. And, here you are – offering the action plan for them to get exactly that. But not all of your client will need that kind of message. Some say to themselves: I am doing good. Just looking for some improvement in this department. So, if you don’t target this type of client as well –  you loose business by default.

3. Underestimating the email impression of you – You send emails to your clients, I presume – to communicate, to keep in touch, to get to know each other. Each one represents you and your company – the signature, the content, they are ll very important. What is also important is: the call to action you have in the email. Let’s say you have an ezine – share valuable content 4 times more than you offer product or program. Promoting yourself all too often is counter productive to your list building. Failing to teach your audience that free promotions are time sensitive and you are a professional and your professional services are not for free… and you will get the same effect…people walking away from you.

4. Mistaking the relationship game with the numbers game – Ok, you want to have a big list of followers and potential clients so that when you have a product or a program ready to fill it up quickly. But is that how things work? No. It’s not how many people you know, it’s how the people you know perceive you. And this is where the key secret to being successful is. Let’s say you have only 100 people on your list. Very, very tiny list. And then you contact those 100 people with an offer that you have. Should your relationship with them be very good (you are the expert, you help them with tips and tricks you know), they will tell their buddies and email you: Hope you don’t mind that I emailed your details to a couple of friends … Why would you!

5. Decide on the format of the product first rather than on the solution they offer – I hear all the time: I’ll make a teleclass, or I’ll write an e-book. Great. Now, why would you do that? And I can almost see through the phone the blank stares saying: Huh? See, 99% of the time when someone wants to make a teleclass or write an ebook is because they’ve read that everyone else does it so they want to do the same. Now, let’s put the horse before the carriage, please. First comes the solution that you offer and then, comes the format. And the format is to be decided on by the marketing strategy that you choose to use to make a sale on the solution that you offer.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Start-up Set up  Coach | 201.467.4941

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