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Although you cannot achieve your goals alone, you can burn out on your own pretty easily if you do not utilize what is out there to help you out in your strive to make it work and make a good return from your business. Obviously you need a team but there are 5 short cuts you can try out now:

1. Model the e-biz of someone else – If you think that this is not teaming up, think again. Instead of figuring it all out on your own which usually ends up in struggling to survive and asking more and more all kinds of scary questions that start with Why, you step on the shoulder of someone else. The free way to do it is to become a fan and devoted follower of someone who has already been where you are right now and is willing to share. Willing to share may also come with a price, which compared to going out of business or barely  breaking even is well worth the investment.

2. Outsource to a pro – If we have the time and energy to do it all on our own, that would be the perfect case scenario. Learning how it all works so  that we can perform all tasks on our own is the smart way. But there is another way – even smarter. You can delegate some tasks (like a web site, SEO, article marketing) to the pros  in web design, SEO and Virtual Assistants so that they do it better than you and save you time. The correct way to go about it is – research, ask and test before you buy do that you make sure that you get the best value for your outsourced dollar.

3. Partner or Barter – Your top 2 goals are maximize profits and keep the overhead costs as low as possible. So, some accounts – you can gladly share with colleagues or you can barter. Anything you you need for your business you can find cheaper or free if you look long enough. So, look around, what do you need to move ahead and where can you find it. Whom can you share the costs of certain subscriptions so that all of you benefit from the lower cost?

4.  Systematizing – Creating (or learning from somewhere else the steps) step-by-step processes and lists of how things are done is just essential to keep things organized, under control and, mostly, simple.  The more systems you have in place the easier your life would be. You will be able to outsource, delegate and partner much easier – because you are prepared to explain how things are done in your neck of woods … in simple words or in steps.

5. Automating – this is my favorite – the more you automate your business ,the less you will need to personally work on it and / or hire somebody to work on the business for you. Some tasks still need to be done manually (and trust me they can eat up pretty much time), but overall synchronized social media accounts, built in auto responders, SEO for your web site and blog , instant downloads for your products, shopping cards, automated opt-in and opt-out for your newsletter and membership site  .. they all sum up into making your online business life much much easier.

I particularly love the search engine optimization – automating how your clients will be finding you is such a relief because in the end of the day – you will still manually search for your ideal client match on the web but with SEO you will have your ideal client find you as well .. and that’s yet another way to have your web site work for you as opposed to you working for your web site.

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