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Clients hire you because they trust that you can help them (that’s the real secret behind the amazing race to become an expert in what you offer) and because they have a good feeling about you. In fact how what you offer makes them feel about themselves as a result of what they expect to get is THE reason why they hire you. Their expectations are:

1. For you to help them save time If they only had the time to do all that they are hiring you to help them to figure out or do, they would have done it long time ago but it’s not that easy. That’s why they come to you.  Now, the thing is that they will recognize that you are their best match when they hear from you that you will be saving their time.

2. Hiring you they made a deal – This is another very powerful reason why your client will hire you. And actually the best way to promote how valuable your services or products are and how great of an impact they will make in the client’s life. If, for example, by working with you as a nutritionist they are saving thousands and thousands of dollars on medications, then it’s not just a deal, it’s a steal!

3. Hiring you will help them make money – You may help them free up time so that they focus on the things that bring in money to their business, or help them raise their fees or get a promotion or get a better paid role or job. You may teach them the nuts and bolts of how to bring home more income by just adjusting what they currently do, or maybe do things entirely different. Whatever it is you do, teaching others how to make money is a great motivator to be hired now.

4. Hiring you is the least effort they can make – Since school years, we all know : don’t work hard, work smart. And if smart includes less efforts for the same or better results, you are promising your clients focused action and as a result they are focusing on you. If you can really offer a one click solution, then your client will love you for that. So, if you have hand outs, templates, check lists, articles with bullet points so that your client gets to the heart of the matter quickly, in a nutshell – what you see is what you get, then they will be much more easily persuaded to hire you over somebody else.

5.  Working with you will make them feel good about themselves – Everyone wants to have a hero story where they are superman or super woman and they life in their best success story every. In reality – life is tough, serves us a lot of surprises and many people fear if they are going to make it through this time too. They have the need to find success – in their family life, personal relationships, career, or business. They want to be able to tell: I did it! And if you are confident enough to tell them that, they would be happy to hire you.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Start-up Set up  Coach | 201.467.4941

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