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With a shoe string budget, businesses naturally go to the social media for exposure and in their search for clients. Quality Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and Facebook fans are all you need to fill up your pipeline with clients, members and repeat business, should you know the do’s and don’ts

1. Build Relationships – Regular keep in touch emails, newsletters or e-zines are just not yet to be retired. It takes a lot of time to prepare, but it is also the most effective way to get really connected on a personal and professional level with your clients to be. Many emails are clicked as spam and if this is your case, then your business communication needs to be remodeled. To avoid that, concentrate on the value more than on the offer and you will quickly see the difference in responce.
2. Showcase your ExpertiseWhen it comes to Social Media, it is natural that some of your target audience will prefer Twitter, Some LinkedIn, some Facebook, and some will be on more than one platform. In connecting with them – it’s not in the numbers, it’s in the quality of connections that you have established. Your part in that equation is – quality content. For a connection, follower or a fan to go from just that to a client of yours, they need to have a taste of what they are buying and why they need to stick around you. So, your practical advice, insights and best offers is to be done with style and in a non evasive way..

3. Give and TakeWhy some social media and newsletter campaigns work like a clockwork while others just don’t? Being on the lookout to listen to what your clients to be want to say (critiques, suggestions, praises) is just the name of your business survival. Your business is in service and to solve a specific problem of your client. So, really listening to what the client has to say is not just smart, it’s essential.
4. Always with a Personal TouchClient like to feel special. You like to feel special, don’t you? Then, your clients need to get just the same. Just like you, they love to have you working with them personally, sending them email personally. Pretty much any marketing communication that goes out needs to have this spin. Clients are people not numbers. They know it and you know it but only when you really start applying this in your business it will make a difference.   

5. Be One Of a Kind – This only, when communicated very good, is the very secret of your business success. You need to convince your client that they need to buy from you and no one else, that what you offer is solving exactly the problem that they have and no one else can offer the same quality, effectiveness, timeliness and results as you do.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Start-up Set up  Coach

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