Guiding you to set up your business for success by overcoming emotional and behavioral roadblocks

Ok, you are determined to succeed, you wake up with the idea that today you’re going to make it, today you will succeed, you breathe with that wish and pray it comes true. But it doesn’t. Why? Of course it could be because of many things, some of which depend on you. Here are the top 5:

1. Excuse making – There are no circumstances, only situations you need to deal with. There is always something you can do about it, always a way to get where you want to, always somebody to help you. Just remember, if you stop fighting each and every day for the realization of your wants and dreams, if you start excusing yourself and others… soon enough you may wake up in a nightmare instead of a dream.

2. Complaining – There is nothing more discouraging and tiring that to talk about how things are not working out the way you want them to. Truth is, if they aren’t working out for the best, talking and talking about it will only make you feel better for a while, but won’t solve the problem at hand. Doing something about it is a different story that involves actively searching for a solution and not allowing yourself to give up until a solution is found.

3. Procrastination – I recently worked with a business which has a lot of potential . The idea is good, the USP (unique sales proposition) is great, my client had already one foot in the door of the type of clients who are to buy this type of product BUT absolutely everything was done days later than the promised or expected time. And even though the business owner has a great and sunny personality the business was just barely making it. Can you guess why?… Procrastination.

4. Blaming it on others – Ok, sometimes it really isn’t us, it’s them but what can you do about it. You can blame them of course. It’s your right and You are right. But will it help? No. We just can’t afford to give up too much power to the person who contributed to the kind of situation you are in or kind of relationship you are in (business or personal). See, if a child makes a mess and you tell the child – you did it, you fix it. The chance is, the child will listen to you because you are the adult. In the grownup world of owning a business it’s in your own interest whatever doesn’t happen right to roll up your sleeves and work on it. Wasting time in finding who did what or said what – is just that : wasting time.

5. Perfectionism – The easiest way to recognize perfectionism is when you hear yourself say: “It’s not ready”; “Need to work on it again”; “Need to make it better”. A lovely lesson I learned from the fashion world is that: there there is time for practice and there is show time. It’s your responsibility to practice, practice, practice. But when the show begins – you have only one chance to make it work, only one opportunity and that’s it. So, you need to give your best, you 100% at that very moment when you are on the spot light, not a moment earlier and not a moment later.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Start-up Set up  Coach

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