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1. Has a Big picture overview – where you’re coming from and where you are going to is the foundation of your marketing plan. Let’s  say a year from now, what results do you want to have happened? Looking at the big picture, not on ly the final destination is important but aslo the 2 to 5 big accomplishments throughtout the year. The can be the Quantum Leaps you consider as a sheer dream now but which need to take place in order your end goal to be achieavable.

2. Has a detailed description of the small steps – the few quantum leaps you’ve identified as neccessary to take place so that your plan reaches the finishing line usually have lots of small sub-steps which follow one another. For example – if your Giant step is Marketing, then you follow a step-by-step process to market your product, service or idea. That process is of the form: do step 1, when you complete it, do step 2, when you complete it, do step 3 etc. If your Giant step is to sell out your products or your available time slots for your services, then you follow a different business process which is of the same step-by-step format.


3. Has smart strategies to go from one to another – Completing one step doesn’t authomatically mean that you are on the next step already. When you do your part of the work , you are but your prospecs or may not be. So, to make sureboth parties are on the same page,  whole set of strategies for the different feed-backs we can get from a client or a merketing campaign needs to be in the place as a support structure that ensures that whatever comes our way, we have a way to handle it. Of course, we can’t prepare for absolutely everything, but as they say: prior preparation prevents failure.


4. Has a masterplan – Highly efficient plan takes into account in a very detailed way all that the business owner expects to do 6 months ahead in any given day. Having sets of strategies to go fromstep to step in a  gracefull and genuine way is imply not enough. If you have 10 steps to get from where you are now to where you want to be tomorrow, then you need to create sets of strategies for leaps from step to step for all 10 steps so that you ensure that you plan will be completed and executed properly.


5.  Prepare for the tasks at hand way in advance – ok, you are your own boss and you struggle between wanting to work as much as possible on your busines so that it succeeds and the personal, family and leisure time. If you’ve completed all 4 steps above, you ahve a winning plan in your hands. Now your inner struggles can override the chance for success that the plan you created offers. What can you do about it? Automating and doing as much work in advance as possible wll do. In this way, when you are doing in February the work you have planned to do in August, then whenAugust comes, you can confidently put on your callendar: Vacation – 2 weeks – not reachable.

Still thinking this is just a dream… Try the 5 steps and we will see.


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