Guiding you to set up your business for success by overcoming emotional and behavioral roadblocks

Part of being a business owner is to overcome challenges and bring your business to the next level while focusing on keeping it alive and profitable day in and day out. But sometimes what we cant to see as challenge is actually a state of being stuck – neither moving forward nor maintaining a satisfying results status quo. Here are the signs:

1.The list of tasks keeps growing but the old tasks don’t get done. Remember – first things first. If, like most business owners who are doing it all on their own, you multitask lots of projects and tasks at the same time then ask yourself if you are advancing in any of them. If at least one of your projects is moving forward, then your business as a whole is moving forward. Even baby steps count. As long as you keep your focus on the direction and don’t bring your engines to a hal, you are making progress. On the other hand if tasks keep piling up and you find yourself saying constantly that you are busy but no tasks get auctioned on, then you just excuse yourself for not doing anything.

2.You find yourself wishing for some free time – one of the vital signs for you being stuck while operating your business is that time is never enough. Well managed business starts with managing your time effectively and realistically. A big time waster is when you don’t like to perform a particular task to delay doing it and to contemplate how little you like it a lot. Thinking is not doing – it’s time wasting.

3.Daydreaming about that great business success but not creating a road map to move from where you are right now to where you want to be – having a vision or a dream for your great success is the first step to attaining it but this step will lead you nowhere if you don’t act on it every day. Furthermore, quite often I literally hear that the plan is to do the giant steps and then get the results. What happens more often is that these giant steps consist of a number of small steps. The difference between a plan, a good plan and a great plan for the business is that a plan is to make the giant steps but overlooking the sub-processes these giant steps involve – a good plan considers the big steps and the small steps but a truly great plan has strategies to move from small steps to small step until a giant step is completed.

4.Allowing life to get in the way – there’s always something: somebody gets sick, the holiday season is coming and you need to prepare, some renovation around the house is taking place, a relocation, a change in social status – like a break up, divorce or a new relationship, you need to finish something in order to take the next steps etc. this is a huge test for all business owners because life will always keep happening. Unexpected situations or delays can and will keep coming your way. What we do with it how we respond to it is what makes a difference. If we stay focused keep going and don’t give up, then our business boat is safely anchored from the storms of life and regardless of which way the wind is blowing – our boat is not to sink.

5.Not taking care of us – how can this keep you stuck? Well, if you are new to your business, most probably you will do your best; invest all your energy, to keep it up and running. That involves less time for self case like spa, fitness, and weekend getaways. But when self care is in the luxury you don’t really need over time you start to need more time to recharge to feel less enthusiasm for all that you do and to describe yourself as overwhelmed. Even a 30 min meditation a day would do to keep you centered and away from getting stuck in your business.
Tsvetanka Petrova, CPC, Start-up Set up Coach

If you’re spiraling down the no action lane and want to zap out of it and move into the action producing results mode, I’d recommend you to ask yourself how much of your day you do what you really want to do. The course that will help you in clarifying for yourself the path of least effort and some really smart tips on how you can make sure your plan to succeed in your business doesn’t fall into the cracks is 5 signs that you are stuck in your businessTeleclass. It shares my own system to figure out how t get where I want to form where I am right now. All participants in the call receive THEIR business questions answered personally, regardless of whether they ask them live, on the call, before or after it. And of course, an MP3 recording of the call is available for download less than an hour after the call.

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