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What is e-client? If you are cosmopolitan like me, most likely you’ve already discovered how daily  phone calls from one side of the world to the other are just a way of life. I personally dial in and get dialed from 5 continents daily, and I absolutely love it. Kind of modern time travel. And, talking with a lot of people, I’ve heard quite too often the “cultural differences excuse” but the truth is, in the global village your clients wants to be treated as such regardless of where in the world they are. While you may think that phone/ Skype communication isn’t exactly what you might call real but for your client it is 100% real. So real, thatin fact when they hear sense or see one of those 5 behaviors from you (notice – you may not be even aware that you are giving away such signals), they apck their things and run away from you.

1. Disrespect – You may think that you do not do that but each and every time you fail to honor   your client’s right to choose what’s best for them a red light goes on inside their head and depending on their tolerance to somebody taking their right to choose that they want and what they don’t want, the sooner or later there will be a reaction. The tiniest example of this is – when you don’t ask them if they want your suggestion, or start leading the conversation to a direction which you feel is appropriate without checking in with your client.

2. Neglect – Another type of behavior your client senses quite quick is when they are not being paid attention. For example, if you type on the keyboard when you are spoken to and expected to be listening, your client will perceive this as neglect. The best way to save yourself from a situation of aggravated client who can’t really explain why they became like that but is absolutely sure that they don’t really enjoy your company, is to give your 100% in focusing on the client ONLY. Any minor distraction for is a VERY noticeable deficiency in service for the client. To

3. Judgment – Service providers often do two kinds of mistakes that can cause them to lose clients – they conceal judgmental remarks under “my opinion” hat and they suggest the best course of action to the client forgetting to check what the client thinks is the best course of action for them. Sharing personal opinion is definitely appreciated by clients when it comes from observation and / or experience and only AFTER they’ve agreed that they would like to hear it. Unsolicited opinion especially when presented as a qualified one, is pushing off clients ready to work with you and happy to be around your expertise like nothing else I can think of.

4. Inconsistency – This is the most common reason why clients abandon business like a sinking ship. Let’s pretend that everything is just perfect- what you offer, the price you offer it on, the way you conduct yourself, but you say one thing but you do another. In that case, pretty soon, you are as good as going out of business. All repetitive business comes from loyal clients, loyal clients come from trusting the product and the service, trusting product and service comes from getting exactly what you’ve been promised to. And when it comes to personal services.

5. Withholding – withholding both emotions and information are just as aggravating as being plain judgmental. When you put on a poker face and call this being professional, maybe for you it’s professional, but for your client, not exactly. For them you are being cold and disengaging. What that translates to is – I don’t like to talk with you. When you withhold information, it’s as if you dishonor your client with telling them – you are not good enough to get the information that I have, or I am above you and I don’t think I need to explain or share my opinion. Although it is socially acceptable to not share your thoughts, remember that if you are really into the business of helping others by utilizing your unique gifts and talents, then honesty and integrity are essential.

Tsvetanka Petrova, CPC
The Start-up Set up  Coach

If you’ve experienced client rejections after they’ve signed up with you, I’d recommend you take your share of responsibility in the situation. The course that will assist you in working things out for the best with  a client who you would otherwise label as difficult in a gracefull manner is the How to never loose a client again teleclass.  It has all you need to notice early on when theings can get complicated and will learn practical ways to resolve those hidden conflicts before they even surface . All the  information in the teleclass is backed up with an e-book that gives real life examples I’ve seen in my daily coaching practice with clients.


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  1. Hi Sue, thanks for this great article, very well disected and writen!

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