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animeelfManaging your business involves a lot of thinking hats – there’s the owner’s hat, the manager’s hat, the marketing hat, the HR hat, the coworker’s hat etc. It is sometimes difficult to decide if they work in synchrony or they conflict one another. So, what can you do to have all hats at peace with one another, i.e. think, talk and act in synchrony with all the conflicting desires inside you? There are 5 things that you can be mindful about and they are:
1. Loosen up that tight grip on control – When one of the thinking hats argue, have a blame blast or get angry it points out to you one thing – it wants to run the parade. What you are really experiencing here is that certain aspect of yourself needs to be in control over you and your behavior. What aspect of you is fighting for control over you and how does this aspect show you that?
2. Detach yourself from what’s already gone – The easiest way to find out if you are repeating old conversations and behaviors over again is to ask yourself have you been down this road before? And if you have, is the end of the road what you want to get to or would you rather do something else? To recognize that you are successfully detaching yourself from repeating the past is to acknowledge where you are heading towards and to realize that this is the old plan, the old strategy or behavior.
3. Detach yourself from what’s not there yet – thinking about the future, worrying about the future, getting trapped into the “what if’s”, envisioning the future as if it already is are all good strategies that the different hats use. The thing is, how do you control something that hasn’t happened yet? That’s right. You can’t. The only thing you can control is what you do in the here-and-now.
4. Go back to the source and learn from it – everything that the aspects of our life do is learned some day somewhere from somebody or from an experience. So, when a thinking hat starts to ask for the control over you, just ask yourself – where did you learn that? And, as soon as you find out – see if this is something you still want in your life and if you don’t just do something about it.
5. Keep it real – the most difficult part when inviting synchronicity in your life is to give up the illusion that if we’re in control we are ok and if we are not – that’s not good. The truth of the matter is that there will be ups and downs, times of happiness and times of woe, peaks and valleys all that is ok. Recognizing the beauty in let’s say not being happy and still being ok is keeping it real. And reality is something we can choose to adapt. Illusion is something we need to keep feeding in order to make it look like real.
Can a man change his destiny? A man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed.” ~ The Last Samurai

Tsvetanka Petrova, Personal and Professional Life Coach

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