Guiding you to set up your business for success by overcoming emotional and behavioral roadblocks


Expertise – The coach does not offer answers. They are using different tools and techniques to encourage the client to find their own solutions and answers. The mentors are usually in a certain field and have experience and expertise in it

Age of client – The mentors are usually older than the client. The coaching client on the other side can be even older than the coach but there is no rule.

Focus – Coaching is non-judgmental and non-opinionated. Mentoring is biased and the mentor has a personal interest in the end result. The client hires a mentor to work on something about himself as an individual, and hires a coach if is interested in obtaining a certain outcome, i.e. seeks certain performance

Role – The mentor establishes a two-way mutually beneficial relationship which does not have to have a clear agenda. On the contrary, the coaching relationship has the client’s agenda that is being followed all the way.

Relationship – The client chooses the mentor all the time. However, not all the time the client chooses the coach – in companies the coach can be hired.

Source of influence – “Coach” can even be a job title but mentor needs to be earned with experience and expertise.

Return – The benefit of having mentor’s assistance is learning. The benefit of coach’s assistance is achievement of a desired outcome.


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