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The knowledge of archetypal influences in one’s life can be used to help you to become aware of the way they construct the world around you. It reflects you perspectives and leaves room for introducing different perspectives which in turn can lead to the ability to make better choices.

Archetypes can be used as a driving force in revealing and healing automatic responses that come from painful memories, negative self-talk and judgmental beliefs. They can be used as a tool in assisting the client in redirecting their life and in finding a way to express their untapped creative potential.

They provide a systematization for and explanation of your life’s journey so far and aid the search for direction and meaning in the interpretation of one’s life. Categorizing the patterns of behavior and explaining them in terms of tasks, lessons and gifts allows you to transcend their present life story and to look at a bigger picture regarding their existence. This picture consists of concepts like potential and opportunities to develop this potential. It allows you to embrace the expression of Self and Shadow Self fully.

Archetypes are a tool for transforming one’s world view from powerless to empowered and call for realization of creativity and effectiveness. Knowing your own current tasks and lessons allows you to consciously choose your reality, your story. The possibility to tap into entirely different life story is no longer an impossible dream but a path that can be mapped out, designed, planned and walked through.

Reinventing yourself as a consequence becomes easy and funny game and re-modeling your life is no longer a daunting task.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Personal and Professional Life Coach

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  1. Your content is insightful, strait forward and focused on key elements of personal understanding. I found it to be valuable; thank you.

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