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The story of each individual’s life consists of many roles and scripts. Over a lifetime one person can play many roles and can have many scripts. Negative feelings arise when someone resists playing a certain role, or is not ready to adapt to the changes in the story of their life.

While those changes in the script of one’s life are inevitable as the essence of life is constant change the roles sometimes stay unchanged. In the different life stages a call for development of different archetypes is made. However, if the individual insists to play the old role in the new script of their life, the archetypes which have been called in to assist in the life’s journey turn into shadow archetypes and instead of facilitating the development of the individual they assist in inhibiting it and sabotaging it until they write an new script and enact a new role.

Helping the individual to recognize the call for change and react accordingly is there the coach’s role comes in. For the most part the roles people prefer to play determine their life script and are influenced by the archetypal narrative they are living. Hence, knowledge of the archetypal forces which operate behind the scenes gives an opportunity for the individual to step outside of the role and decide for themselves whether this is a good role for them and whether they are playing the role well.

Tsvetanka Petrova, Personal and Professional Life Coach

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