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dentist-office-artHow much do you like going to a dentist? On a scale of 1 to 10just  rate yourself. Write down the first thing that comes to mind.Why did you rate yourself the way you did? What is the reason behind that? Interesting to know is where else in your life is this behaviour showing.

Oddly enough, the coach is like a dentist. To illustrate why, let’s look at why people go to a dentist.

1. Avoidance – Many people pretend that the dentist doesn’t exist … and end up with teeth they could have treated taken out. Just like them – there are people who desperately need the help of a coach but for whatever reason they believe in, they deal with pain by pretending that it doesn’t exist and suffering the consequences.

2. Tolerance – Others just hate the pain and for this reason go to the dentist only when the pain is unbearable and they need to do something about it. In the mean time they put up with the slow but constant pain and / or discomforth for a long, long time.  These people usually do not look for solutions hoping that their problems will dissapear in thin mist. When the pain gets bigger than the fear of the consequences of dealing with the problem they seek the help of a coach to move out of the pit they are in and move on with thier life.

3. Prevention – Some, but not many, go to the dentist a couple of times a year to check if everything is ok. They suffer only the pain which is necessary to bring them back to the blissful state of no pain and happy teeth. And some people are just like them. They live their life, whenever they meet with a difficulty, they seek out help to deal with it and they move on with thier life.  Are they immune to bad things and pain in life? No, but they do not follow the events in their life. Instead, they decise which events to follow.

4. Creation – Still, there are others who want the perfect teeth and they work for it. They are ready to face their greatest fears and to do whatever it takes just to get that smile of a million. This kind of people are those who mostly line up for the coach’s time and energy, just like with . They know what result they want and they easily know how to enlist help for the achievement of their goals… and as a result show a smile with lots of teeth.

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