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How to AIM to succeed






Mastermind Group

Attention = conscious creation happens with the client focusing on what he/she wants in their life. The client pays attention to the Wants they long for. There are also Don’t-Wants that the client has. They are explored in the light of Don’t-Wants are barriers to be brought into awareness and overcome in order to get closer to the Wants in life.

Intention = the intention of the client is expressed with their intention to gravitate towards the end result they are looking for. They do that through shifting their focus from the now to the future moment when the outcome has already materialized and we co-design the steps towards bringing their intention into effect.

Mastermind = the accelerated path to personal and professional success goes through the quantity of people and quality of support they give to your cause. In the process we start off with the client with 2 people in the Mastermind group – the client and the coach and we ensure that the gravitation of the client towards the desired outcome is accelerated by enlisting other people too.


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