Guiding you to set up your business for success by overcoming emotional and behavioral roadblocks

Coaching Structure

Coaching success is based on setting and maintaining expectations

On coaching alliance

Our relationship will be a partnership, formed for your benefit and focused on helping you achieve your goals. Coaching is founded on the belief that each of us is functional and ready to move forward, finding our own answers. Please keep in mind that coaching is not therapy or counseling, nor is it management consulting or mentoring. If, as we move forward, you feel the need for additional support in any of these areas, an appropriate referral will be made.

On coaching services

As your coach, I will help you to better define and clarify your goals, your strengths, and your values. We will work together to strategize a plan of action for you to achieve your desired results, and I will hold you accountable for your actions. In the end, you alone are accountable for the results you achieve. Remember that you are always free to consider and reject ideas or suggestions I may make as part of our conversation. You are in charge of the actions you take and the choices you make!

On client benefit from coaching

Each time we talk, we will focus on your agenda. Come to each coaching session prepared to focus on one of your goals, or some aspect of your goals. The great thing about coaching, which makes it so different from consulting, counseling or mentoring, is that you decide what we talk about and what you want to do next. The process of change can create normal feelings of distress and frustration. I will support, encourage, and guide you in this process. While you are the driving force behind your success the possibilities with our designed alliance are endless.


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